Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Can I have 10,000 marbles please...

Saturday, August 9, 2008
16:00 to 18:00
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nina simonegimme someverve remixedverve*
from bubblegum to skycaptain and tenillea soft killeenie meenie*
pas/calthe truth behind the voguesi was raised on mattew mark luke and laurale grand magistry*
king khan and the shrinestorturethe supreme genius ofvice*
be your own petbeckyget damaged epxl*
the hold steadyone of the cuttersstay positvevagrant*
replacementsbastards of youngtim!sire
unwed sailorcoper islandslittle warsburnt toast vinyl*
blue cheerfeathers from your treeoutside insidemercury
damon&naomiin the morningthe wonderous world of..sub pop
dj linxthe revolution was televisonthe return of the geary actden city
steinskiteh motorcade sped onwaht does it meanilleagal art*
negitivity landannouncementescape from noisesst
holy modal roundersif you want to be a birdeasy rider soundtrackdunhill
mojo nixonin a gadda da viddafrenzy
land of the loopsday late and a dollar shortbundle of joyup
mongo santamariain a gadda da vidafeeling alright
monty pythonthe mouse problemmonty python flying circuspye
peter cookbedazzledthe scoremojo4music
beatlesyouknow my name look up the numberraritiesparalaphone
spike jonesthe man on flying trapezebest ofrca
art bruteformed a bandbang bang rock and rolldown town
american dreamfrankford elthe american dreamampex
stage annoncementsstage announcentswoodstockcotillion
country joerock and soul musicwoodstockcotillion
arlo guthriecoming into los angeleswoodstockcotillion
clinicmemoriesdo itdominio*
black hollieswhispers beneth the willowscasting shadowsernestt jennings*
microphonesglow pt. 2the glow pt. 2k records*
as humanspirialkiloself released*
rays vast basementblack cottonstarvation under the orange treesclermount?
as humanset freekiloclearmount*
valettame all the lionsblood is cleankranky*
negitivitylandsnugglesfair usedead dog