the worried waltz

with eban ymphonie

Sunday, July 27, 2008
21:00 to 23:00
worried waltz
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Artist Song Album Label
beatles what's the new mary jane? strawberry fields forever nems
pink floyd atom heart mother atom heart mother harvest
king crimson formentera lady islands dgm
pete sinfield night people still manticore
jethro tull the story of the hair who lost his spectacles a passion play chrysalis
gentle giant isn't it quiet & cold? gentle giant vertigo
strawbs ah me,ah my grave new world a & m
curved air puppets 2nd album collector's choice
john cale legs larry at television centre the academy in peril warner archives
roy wood miss clarke & the computer boulders harvest
a raincoat too late to care digalongamacs emi
david bowie we are the dead diamond dogs rca
roxy music a song for europe stranded reprise
gong perfect mystery you virgin
robert wyatt dedicated to you but you weren't listening theatre royal drury lane hannibal
stackridge benjamin's giant onion extravaganza angel air
rob calvert voyaging to vinland lucky leif & the longships eclectic
van der graaf chemical world the quiet zone/the pleasure dome charisma
franco battiato su scale juke box bmg
kraftwerk radioland radio-activity capitol
cluster & brian eno broken head old land relativity
adrian belew sexy rhino twang bar king island
lou reed & john cale faces & names songs for drella sire
rain tree crow rain tree crow rain tree crow virgin
kev hoppper the parson's nose stolen jewels ghetto
momus & anne laplantine go fishing willy summerisle analog baroque
the fiery furnaces wicker whatnots widow city thrill jockey
le volume courbe ain't got no...i got life i killed my best friend honest jons
xiu xiu puff & bunny women as lovers kill rock stars
animal collective seal evening water curses domino
beck replica modern guilt dgc
portishead hunter third mercury
sparks i can't believe that you would fall for all the crap in this song/she got me pregnant exotic creatures of the deep lil beethoven