The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Monday, July 21, 2008
21:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label
Bradford Reed Bond Ruinette The Stars My Destination Ft. Lb.
Kees Hazevoet Moving Lady Pleasure Atavistic/Unheard Music Series
Jose Jimenez(Bill Dana) The Piano Tuner The Submarine Officer Kapp
Lou Reed Metal Machine Music Part lll Metal Machine Music Buddha
DJ Qbert Grandpa Wears Fat Laces, Mvmnt.1. Quadraphonic Element Download, Mvmnt. 2. 6 Fingered Fury, Mvmnt. 3. Inside-Out Body Warp Wave Twisters Galactic Butt Hair
Wayne And Schuster Mechanical Men Short Subjects Columbia
Jon Rose/ Veryan Weston The Harmonious Anvil 4 Temperament Emanem
Michael William Gilbert Jazz From Heck Point of Views Gibex
Fred Bevan and The Difference in Brass Beatles Medley Brass ll Brassy
Sunny Murray and Charles Gayle Don't Touch This/ Blast From The Past Illuminators Audible Hiss
Greg Goodman/Henry Kaiser/Lukas Ligeti Logical Types Heavy Meta Ecstatic Yod
Nipsey Russell Honeymoon Hotel Harlem's Son of Fun Borderline
Rova The Freedom of Information This Time we Are Both New Albion
Mort Garson/Jacques Wilson Cancer The Moon Child The Zodiac Cosmic Sounds Elektra
Neutral Mute Roc-Sac Roc-Sac Run-Roc
Eric Idle/Neil Innes Gibberish The Rutland Weekend Television Songbook Passport
Scott Fields Ensemble Prairie Du Chien Mamet Delmark
Arcado : Dresser, Feldman, Roberts Somewhere Behind the Myth JMT
Tatsuya Nakatani/Peter Kowald Definition #2 13 Definitions of Truth Quakebasket
Lily Tomlin The Mafia and The Pope This is a Recording Polydor
Larry Marotta Rag Urban Fishing Rules Uffda