blues,bop &beyond

with will constantine jr

Thursday, July 17, 2008
11:00 to 13:00
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Miles DavisSoleaSketches of SpainColumbia1960
Saxophone SummitTransitionsSeraphic LightTelarc2008*
Tim Berne's ParaphraseCritical MassPlease AdviseScrewgun1999
Grace Kelly / Lee KonitzSubconscious LeeGrace ful LeePazzGrace is a 16 year old alto saxist. Lee Konitz has been one of the premier alto saxophonists since the late 1940's. Together they team up with the guitar of Russell Malone, Rufus Reid's bass and Matt Wilson on drums.*
Arthur BlytheStuffy TurkeyFocusSavantThe leader's alto sax is joined by Gust William Tsillis on concert grand marimba, Bob Stewart on tuba and Cecil Brooks III on drums. A 2002 release.
Shot x ShotOverlayLet Nature SquareHigh TwoA 2008 release by this Philly-based quartet.*
Ivo PerelmanIntrospectionIntrospectionLeo RecordsThe brazilian-born tenor saxist is joined here by Rosie Hertlein on violin and vocals, Dominic Duval on bass and Newman Baker on drums. A 2006 release.
The Bill Dixon OrchestraIntrados17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: DarfurAUM Fidelity2007/2008*
TestBustin' Outta de ChamberTestAUM FidelityA 1998 release.