Jon Solomon

with Maria T

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
18:00 to 20:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
extra cheese punk magazine this is it: greater buffalo's greatest 1977-10984 musicians-united C
eden express kaleidoscope que amors que holy mountain *
butch willis everything's alright 7" teenbeat
sparrow one eye closed sparrow overcoat ex-ZUMPANO.
the low numbers telekom 7" instant tunes
redd kross ballad of a lovedoll desperate teenage lovedolls casablanca C
slovenly plug 7" new alliance
the wedding present the thing i like best about him is his girlfriend el rey manifesto *
rain parade don't feel bad crashing dream island
june brides on the rocks no place called home in tape
the strokes someday is this it sony sounds a lot like the JUNE BRIDES?
the slits slits tradition revenge of the killer slits SAF
the gooses 1969 don't know when i'll be back again exotic fever comp benefits vietnam vets; features ted leo, q & not u, etc C
diamanda galas eyes without blood a diamond hidden in the mouth of a corpse global poetry systems C
birdnames tireless island peopled by birds open relationship unsound *
elliott smith southern belle elliott smith kill rock stars
chesterfield kings she told me lies 7" mirror
crackerbash the world according to nouns our band could be your life little brother
fabulous diamonds #2 fabulous diamonds siltbreeze *
jon gibson visitations I visitations I & II new tone
killing joke change killing joke malicious damage
eat skull fade to smoke sick to death siltbreeze *
blue cheer come & get it outsideinside polygram
speedking monosodium glutamate 7" amish
moviola floorboards cowtown vol 4 anyway C
dreams so real everywhere girl 7" coyote
crippled pilgrim undone under water fountain of youth
wimp factor 14 infotainted 7" harriet
wye oak i dont feel young if children merge *
olekranon reticence cohesion inam *
beef isabel primavera sound 2003 EFA C
rhys chatham die donnergotter ("the thundergods") die donnergotter homestead