Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
21:00 to 00:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Request Comp
Funker Vogt Second World n/a n/a
Icon Of Coil Repeat It n/a n/a
Imperative Reaction Collapse As We Fall n/a
Seabound Scorch The Ground Double Crosser n/a
Melotron Dein Meister ( Funker Vogt Remix ) n/a n/a
Covenant Dead Stars United States Of Mind Metropolis R
Motomachine You Look Dead ( Motomix ) You Look Dead ( single ) s/r
Kevorkian Death Cycle Never Say Never n/a n/a
Hocico Distorted Face ( Dulce Liquido Mix ) Sangre Hitviente Interbeat
Run Level Zero Black Limbs Symbol Of Submission DSBP
Suicide Commando Raise Your God Mindstrip Metropolis
Terminal Sect Rhythm Of Decay The Gun Worship EP None Of The Above
God Module Interference Perception Sector 9 Studios
Das Ich Destillat Re_Kapitulation Danse Macabre
Syntec Puppets ( Club Mix ) Eternity - Best Of Syntec n/a
Oomph! Der Neue Gott Oomph! Mayan Records
Gridlock Frantic ( Stark - Raving Mad ) The Synthetic Form Pendragon
B12 Mondrin Electro- Soma Warp
Aphex Twin Windowlicker Windowlicker Warp
Neil Nappe The Alternative July Passport Records
Interface Artemis 1 The Artemis Complex s/r
John Serrie Flightpath Flightpath Miramar Images
Object Defiance The Reflecting Skin n/a
Combichrist DNA AM Get Your Body Beat Out Of Line
Waiting For God Revenge Diva X Machina n/a C
Yendri Inside The Machine ( 2nd Mix ) Club Bizarre 1 SPV C
Rammstein Klavier Sehnscucht Motor Music
Ministry All Day Remix Twitch Sire
Michele Sainte with Rhys Fulber Dream Maker n/a n/a
Absurd Minds Self Imposed The Focus n/a
Digital Factor Go Ahead ( Extended ) Defacto n/a
The Cure Fascination Street ( Extended Mix ) Mixed Up Elektra