Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

Live long and prepostourous

Saturday, June 21, 2008
15:00 to 17:00
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e your own petsuper soakedget awkwardestatic peace*
the new master soundscarrot juice102%one note
lack keysstrainattack and releasenonesuch*
soviettestenlp 2adeline
ill easenew york no waveall systems a go gocochon records
the lack angelsmission districtdirections to see a ghostlight in the attic*
minus the earfine + 2 pointsthey make eer commercials like thissuicide squeeze*
ird namesreferentsopen relationshipunsound records*
dinah washingtoncry me a riververve remixverve*
the attle royalnoteookwake up thunder aeafternnoon records*
crystal castlesuntrust uscrystal castleslast gang*
tuningtakegood arrowsthrill jockey
ill murryare you ready for the summermeatallsrso
go teamladyflashthunder lightning strikecolumia
sly and the family stonei want to take you higherthe essential sly stoneepic
oy fuller fourmiserlou/my own true loveoy fuller tapesvoxx
polyphonic spreesunthe eginning stages ofgood records
the avalanchessince i left yousince i left youmodular
the orange peelssomething in youcircle
each oyswouldnt it e nice (vocals only)single 45su pop
zomiesreif candlesodessey and oracleig east
ert sommerand when its overthe road to travelrev ola
avante gardenatrually stonedsingle 45columia
ungeeatghost party townghost treasureknife om C
corneliusfree fallfanhtasmamatador
dj linxintro/non veralthe return of the geary actden city
cordalaneisnt the suncodalanemanic thrill pop
dj linxintro/non veralthe return of the geary actden city
dean and rittawords you used to saywords you used to sayzoe
soft peoplecloristhe*
the low goespatienceget outta phillytick tick tick records C
deuce coupesdoule a fuelerhellound hot rodsdel fi C