Her Jazz

with Maria T

Post-Proving Itself To Your Sorry Ass

Thursday, June 19, 2008
18:00 to 20:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
chuck wilder the clown eccentric soul: the tragar & note labels numero group * C
vivian girls wild eyes 7" plays with dolls *
spinanes fame & fortune sunday ep sub pop mission of burma cover
robyn bum like you robyn konichwa / interscope *
fink blueberry pancakes distance and time ninja tune *
gogogoairheart hypnotized 90 day men/gogogoairheart split ep box factory
dos heartbeat numero do ep new alliance
holy rollers in the here cringer / holy rollers split 7" shred of dignity
the nervebreakers my girlfriend is a rock we want everything! get hip
ESG dance come away with... 99
solex randy costanza pick up matador
sons & daughters johnny cash love the cup domino
the black angels deer-ree-shee directions to see a ghost light in the attic *
helium love $$$ pirate prude matador
tickley feather fancy walking tickley feather paw tracks *
crystal stilts crippled croon crystal stilts self released
spoon believing is art girls can tell merge
the lines nerve pylon memory span acute *
durutti column sketch for summer valuable passages relativity
blonde redhead spring & summer by fall 23 touch & go R
les savy fav bloom on demand go forth frenchkiss R
the 3Ds beautiful things 7" merge
long blondes the couples couples rough trade * R
kitty wells your wild life's gonna get you down golden favorites decca
the white animals seasons change 7" dead beat
the replacements kiss me on the bus tim sire
avengers american in me the american in me DBK works
mingering mike gotta get back to the real thing super gold greatest hits emusic *