Her Jazz

with Maria T

Covering for Jon Solomon

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
19:00 to 22:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
mingering mike there's nothing wrong with you baby super gold greatest hits emusic OMG this record is PHENOMENAL. *
bettye swann (my heart is) closed for the season bettye swann astrawerks
el michaels affair ocho rios sounding out the city truth & soul
minus the bear fixe & 2 pts they make beer commercials like this suicide squeeze *
the snakes don't tread on me happy adult swim/dischord ex- SOA?!
yokohama hooks turn on 7" tic tac totally
tut tut already dead the heart goes nine iron paw *
28th day where the bears sing 28th day bring out your dead
dexy's midnight runners thankfully not living in yorkshire it doesn't apply searching for the yougn soul rebels EMI
broken social scene anthems for a seventeen year-old girl you forgot it in people arts & crafts R
lykke li little bit little bit ll recordings *
love is all so far away love is all play 5 covers what's your rupture? Yes, it's a Dire Straits cover. *
man man harpoon fever (quuquegs playhouse) rabbit habbits anti- *
tuxedomoon no tears tuxedomoon jem
oxford collapse amongst friends the hann-byrd ep comedy minus one
gin blossoms something wrong dusted san jacinto
the floyd band i hate looking at you / no fun crash course in cleveland life synthetic C
moe tucker louie louie playin' possum trash
helen love riding hi hang 10 vol. 1 full dimensional shredder C
flight of the conchords robots flight of the conchords sub pop *
gnarls barkley run (i'm a natural disaster) the odd couple atlantic *
james "big sambo" young & the house wreckers barkin' up the wrong tree absolute funk body & soul C
lee fields the right thing problems. soul fire
celebration hands off my gold (simian mobile disco mix) hands off my gold 4AD *
dragged by horses depth charge deep in the woods high wheel *
black taj only for a moment beyonder amish *
undertones there goes norman hypnotised sire
cyclones catch-22 out in the cold plexus trading
slowdive machine gun souvlaki creation
seefeel industrious quique (redux) too pure R
photon band cry, crycrycry back down to earth transit of venus *
3 stars jersey slide pt. 1 the ABC's of kid soul numero group C

Final thoughts for the evening.
merzbow recorded on 5/19/2007 live destruction at no fun fest no fun productions *