Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Tuesday, June 3, 2008
21:00 to 00:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Request Comp
Manhole Vortex Eaten Agents Of Goldstein Rev. Ammonia D.
Haujobb Penetration ( Assemblage 23 Remix ) n/a n/a
Interface Artemis 2 The Artemis Complex s/r
Ravenous Empire n/a n/a
Shadows In The Dark Snuff Machinery n/a n/a
Front Line Assembly No Limit ( Disintegration Mix ) Reclamation Roadrunner
Skinny Puppy Rodent Rabies Netwerk
Funker Vogt Under Deck Machine Zeit Metropolis
Suicide Commando Raise Your God Mindstrip Metropolis
Tactical Sekt Capital Fallacies Geneticide Noitekk
Amduscia Melodies For The Devil Melodies For The Devil SPV
Absurd Minds Self Imposed The Focus n/a
Tonikom Walled In Epoch Hymen Records
Michele Sainte Dream Maker n/a n/a
Motomachine Slave To The Synth ( Panic Lift Remix ) Slave To The Synth ( single ) s/r
Michael Mayer Privat Touch Kompakt
Virgo Four In A Vision Warp 10+1 Influences Warp C
B12 Obsessed Electro-Soma Warp
Neil Nappe The Alternative July Passport Records
Leafblower Tripcop Hello World everything leafblower music 2005
Mesh Involved ( Remix ) Identities ( An Electronic Music Compilation ) Tron R C
Paralysed Age Dark Empire Of The Vampire Dancing Ferret Disks
Clan Of Xymox Scum Medusa 4AD
The Human League Seconds Dare / Love And Dancing Virgin
Peter Murphy Indigo Eyes n/a n/a
Ministry Effigy ( Remix ) n/a n/a
Ministry Burning Inside The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste Sire
Derma-tek T.W.E.P. Corpus Technological DSBP
C/A/T Enemy Within The Rogue Pair Crunchpod
Terrorfakt The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself Vail Records
Cenotype She's Dead...Requiem Origins s/r
Voltaic Metabolise ( Skeletal Mix ) Exoskeleton 2 Possessive Blindfold Records C