Her Jazz

with Maria T

Post-Proving Itself To Your Sorry Ass

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
19:00 to 22:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
helen love summer pop radio radio hits damaged goods
east river pipe make a deal with the city goodbye california sarah
constantines new king kensington heights arts & crafts *
further surfing pointers 7" christmas from 1994. sounds an awful lot like NO AGE.
big dipper faither healer suprecluster merge *
L7 pretend we're dead bricks are heavy epitaph
mudhoney chain that door superfuzz bigmuff sub pop reissued and expanded! *
as mercenarias policia nao wave man brazilian post punk comp C
ben lee pop queen grandpaw would grand royal
long blondes the couples couples rought trade *
pullover tiny tears a gift from sing-sing popfactory C
public record mermaid's purse public record high two
della reese compared to what soul gospel soul jazz C
betty wright mr lucky outskirts of deep city numero group * C
jamaica girls rock the beat big apple rappin' soul jazz C
pink skull get inside zeppelin 3 free news *
laddio bolocko nurser the life and times of laddio bolocko no quarter
black taj cold comfort beyonder amish members of POLVO!!!!
shale arkham lie peas kor pgh screamouirethgkjdfhgnkjjhkkhgjh or something like that.
the nymphets bekki anne 7" psychedelic handshake *
yelle les femmes pop-up caroline *
goldfrapp caravan girl seventh tree mute *
M83 skin of the night saturdays=youth mute *
sonic youth schizophrenia sister SST !!!!!!! R
caribbean bees, their vision and language populations hometapes
sri mersing pimp rubiah folk & pop sounds of sumatra vol 1 sublime frequiencies C
tullycraft pop songs your new boyfriend's too stupid to know about the long secret harriet 6/15 in philly! C
beex beat beat teenline #106 hyped2death C
judy nylon jailhouse rock new york noise vol 3 soul jazz C
patternismovement peach trees all together hometapes *
magik markers taste BOSS ecstatic peace! *
marilyn mattson he means so much to me girls in the garage vol 8 romulan C
circles get down! weighs a ton wooden man 5/30 @ 3914 spruce in philly *
don cherry elephantasy live at cafe montmartre 1968 vol 2 ESP-disk *
rhys chatham guitar trio a rhys chatham compendium table of the elements
notekillers the zipper live on WPRB 10/26/04 WPRB 5/30 @ 3914 spruce in philly
the wipers D-7 is this real? park avenue
the skydrops green to red live on WPRB 12/5/06 WPRB R
the music improvisaton company untitled no 1 the music improvisaton company ECM features derek bailey, jamie muir, evan parker, christine jeffrey & hugh davies