Backwood Robotics

with Zoe & Whit

Thursday, May 15, 2008
20:00 to 22:00
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wolfgangmaster of the musicnot in love (not true)hypnoteopener
ariel pink's hainted graffiitifor kate i waitthe doldrumspaw tracks
talking headsthe book i read'77sireone of zoe's favorites
the knifewe share our mothers' healthsilent shoutrabid recordsR
los campesinosdrop it doe eyeshold on now youngsterarts and craftsplaying tonight in ny
flight of the conchordsrobots booms/tsub pophave you seen their tv show?*
young fresh fellowsyou've got your head on backwardstopsy turvy
the black keysstrange timesattack and releasenonesuch*
animal collectivestreet flashwater cursesdominoour new favorite song*
beirutpostcards from italygulag orkestarba da bingan old favoriteR
the acorncrooked legsglory hope mountainpaperbag*
sufjan stevensthe predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!illinoisasthmatic kittyall time favorite!!
gordon withersstaticjawbox on cellogordon withers
joan of arcmost at home in motelshow can anything so little be any more?jude tree
van morrisoncyprus avenueastral weekswbR
half-handed cloudeveryone did what was right in their own eyes.thy is a word and feet need lampsasthmatic kitty
defiance, ohiothe years, the fears, the sleepthe fear, the fear, the fearno idea*
half japaneseon the one handsing no evildrag city
mirahcold cold wateradvisory committeekR
dodosfoolsvisiterfrench kiss*
mates of statefluketeam boopolyvinyl
the teeththe coolest kid in schoolyou're my lover nowpark the van
the kinkspicture bookthe village green preservation societyzoe went through a kinks phase in 10th grade
the kinksjohnny thundervillage green preservation societyumm twofer?
daniel johnstonsome things last a long timewelcome to my worldeternal yip eye music
cat powerramblin' (wo)manjukeboxmatadorhank williams cover*
the microphonesheadless horsemanthe glow, pt. 2kwhit performed a cover of this song last friday!