Diana's Cash Moneys Variety Hour ($)

with And by one hour I mean two

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
11:00 to 13:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
The Battle Royale The Notebooks Wake Up, Thunderbabe This is Diana's show, btw. *
Marilyn Monroe After You Get What You Want You Don't Want It Heat Wave Thanks Princeton Record Exchange!
Super Furry Animals Neo Consumer Hey, Venus! Excellent new album- every track is really strong. My favorite is Baby Ate my 8ball. *
Beavis and Butthead Come to Butthead The Beavis and Butthead Experience Music from the Motion Picture!
Band of Horses The Funeral Everything All the Time This song blew me away the first time I heard it- powerful and perhaps perfect.
Jemaine and Brett Foux du Fafa The Flight of the Conchords He may be dead. He maybe did what? *
Crystal Castles Crimewave Crystal Castles Glass houses? *
Yiddish Radio Project Parkway Cafeteria Commercial Yiddish Radio Project Dave Isay, recipient of the MacArthur genius grant, created this project along with Sound Portraits.
Grace Jones Don't Cry It's Only the Rhythm Slave to the Rhythm My friend was like you mean Grace Jones the model? And I was like no, Grace Jones the recording artist. You can't be both.
Beirut Elephant Gun Lon Gisland EP Beirut is also a drinking game. They have a pro league if you're interested.
The Blend Introduction Part II 9 to 5 Well blended. No, really.
Black Francis Captain Pasty Bluefinger So many colors.
Boys Noize Lava Lava Oi Oi Oi Remixed This band remixed the Oi Oi Oi album, but it's already so dancy and electronicy that purpose is lost on me. Great album, though. *
Daft Punk Prime Time of Your Life ALIVE 2007 Mashed up with Brainwasher and Rollin and Scratchin. *
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Sunshine and Clouds Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Full title: Sunshine and Clouds and Everything Proud
Clark New Year Storm Turning Dragons Brand new for you! *
Rasputina Diamond Mind How We Quit the Forest DeBeers can take one for the team.
The Decemberists O Valencia! The Crane Wife I refuse to be embarassed. The Decemberists are awesome.
Goldfrapp Clowns Seventh Tree Clowns is the only word I can make out. *
The Barry Sisters Samson and Delilah Yiddish Radio Project More of the Yiddish Radio Project!
Lilys A Diana's Diana Everything Wrong is Imaginary Narcissus would be proud.
The Olivia Tremor Control A Sunshine Fix Presents: Singles and Beyond This song spiraled off into a band in its own right- the Sunshine Fix.
Perry Farrell Admit I Song Yet to be Sung Perry Farrell in gold lame pants playing a golden horn in a desert. It's like he read my mind.
The Dodos Red and Purple Visiter The Dodos played Princeton a month ago! Incredible show! They flung sweat on me! *
Jeff Mangum Two Headed Boy Live at Jittery Joe's I love how you can hear children screaming though I thought he was afraid of crowds.
Irene Cara and Cast Hot Lunch Jam Fame "If it's yellow then it's jello if it's blue it could be stew"
The Raveonettes Lust Lust Lust Lust! I am deeply in lust with this album. *
Rilo Kiley Give A Little Love Under the Blacklight Not as great as The Execution of All Things. What could be?