the all-ages show

with paddy

Not just for grown-ups

Saturday, June 26, 2004
13:00 to 15:00
with an international flair

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comp
John McCutcheon The Kid Who Hates Summer Summersongs Rounder
Gunnar Madsen Summertime is here Old Mr. Mackle Hackle G-Spot
Big Smith and Family I Married My Wife in the Month of June From Hay to Zzzzz May Apple
James K Good Morning Sun Good MorningSun, Goonight Moon Rivertown Records
Derra Huxley The Sun is Beginning to Crow Swingin' on a Star s/r
Not Exactly Lobsters The Sun is Named Steve S/t s/r
Pam Blanchard and the Sunnyside Up Band Cut up the Watermelon, Mary Porter Let's Share It s/r
Dave Fry Let the Juice Through Kids Hits Bearswamp
Aura Msimang Lang Mo African Playground Putumayo C
Bob Marley Three Little Birds Songs of Freedom Island
Os Mutantes She's my Shoo Shoo Technicolor Mercury
Paddytales Budulinik Czech folk tale read on air
julia Vorontsova live in the studio several songs all great