No, You're Under Arrest

with Diana

Saturday, April 19, 2008
14:00 to 16:00
other shows

Fire On FireHangman5 Song EPAs strong an opener as the Evangelicals last week? What could be?*
Michael KratzerA Pirate Looks at 40Michael KratzerThe very fabulous Michael Kratzer wows us with a Jimmy Buffet cover!
Bikini KillRebel GirlThe SinglesBikini Kill!!!!!!
FeistMushaboomLet It DieThis one's for you Gabe.R
Stephen MalkamusCold SonReal Emotional TrashAwesome request!*R
Boyz NoiseLava LavaOi Oi OiPre-remix*
Boyz NoizeLava Lava RemixOi Oi Oi RemixedPost-remix*
BjorkI Miaa YouI Miss YouA little old school Bjork fresh from the land of ice.
RoyksoppEpleMelody AMNed needs to school me in techno. Bigtime.*
Richard CheeseAqua Teen Hunger Force ThemeDick at NiteMy mom loves this song. Loves it.
The BlendIntroduction Part 29 to 5I met these guys in the desert- they are incredible and had by far the most well produced demo of any band shopping their wares in the heat.
Bonde do RoleMarina Gasolina Peaches RemixMarina GasolinaMarina is on fire!*
The BlowTrue AffectionPaper Television20 thousand under the sea- that's kind of a country construction. A play on words that means... well... nothing.
Don McleanVincentDon Mclean ClassicsCheck out Moma's starry starry night. It's hung like it's nothing in a string of paintings on the wall.
Porno for PyrosMeijaPorno for PyrosThis song makes Meija sound like shangri-la but it's probably more like a ghetto foxwoods.
The Battle RoyaleScream ScreamWake Up, Thunder BabeVery new!*
The Olivia Tremor ControlLove AthenaPresents
The Cloud CultIt's What You NeedFeel Good GhostsNew!*
The DodosRed and PurpleVisiterThese guys played on campus last week- incredible live!*
Perry FarrellSong Yet To Be SungSong Yet to be SungPerry Farrell's solo work!
DntelThis is the Dream of Evan and ChanVersionsNot quite emo.
Postal ServiceThis is the Dream of Evan and Chan the RemixVersions RemixedRemixed!
Lightspeed ChampionEveryone I Know is Listening to CrunkFalling Off the Lavendar BridgeMila Kunis learned english by watching bob barker on the price is right.*
PortisheadGlory BoxDummy"this is how revolutions are engineered, my friend"
BeirutPostcards from ItalyGulag OrkestarOff their more recent EP.
DJ KrushLong title in JapaneseThe Message at the DepthAn older album- before the glory.