Backwood Robotics

with Zoe & Whit

Thursday, April 17, 2008
19:30 to 22:00
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yeasayer2080all hour cymbalswe are freestarting 30 minutes early this week!
four tetas serious as your liferoundsdomino
stereolabvonal declosionmargerine eclipseelecktrain french!
belle & sebastianwrapped up in booksbooksrough trade
nathan michelplanetthe beastsonig/skipp
sufjan stevensjoy! joy! joy!a sun came!asthmatic kitty<3
the ruby sunsoh, mojavesea lionsub pop*
defiance, ohioanxious and worryingthe fear, the fear, the fearno idea*
wolfgangmaster of the musicnot in love (not true)hyonoteopener! haha
the beatnick filmstarnow i'm a millionarieold enough to know better: 15 years of merge recordsmergetwofer
the ladybug transistoroceans in the hallold enough to know better: 15 years of merge recordsmergetwofer
her space holidaylydiamanic expressivetiger style
the apples in stereonot the samescience fairespin art
twisted tutuplay niceplay niceoo discs
the boy least likely toi'm glad i hitched my apple wagon to your starbits of the best college radio party evertoo young to die
something about vampires and slutsmeant to bewe break our own heartsvms/morphius
black eyesanother countrycoughdischord
the talking headsdon't worry about the governmenttalking heads 77sirea fav of zoes
the softiesheart conditionit's lovek
islandsswans (life after death)return to the seaequatorR
the swimmersheavenfighting treesmad dragon*
new york art quartetrosmosiss/tesp*
american sneakersthe most popular girldarts & daggerss/r
peter morenreel too realthe last tycoonquarterstick;eter of peter, bjorn, and john*
superwolfwhat arey you?s/tdrag citymatt sweeney + bonnie 'prince' billy
rainer mariai'm melting!look now, look againpolyvinyl
black lipseverybody's doin' itlet it bloomin the redR
the destroyerdark leaves form a threadtrouble in dreamsmerge*
animal collectivefor reverend greenstrawberry jamdominoimagine a bearded man in his 20-somethings driving around shirtless in his yellow jeep on a hot summer day. yeah, this is thatR
black moth super rainbowraspberry dawnstart a peoplegravefaceR
the octopus projectbees bein' strugglin'hello, avalanchepeek-a-boo*
like moving insectsthe witching hourmusical albumlisten to your friends music
daniel johnstondon't let the sun go down on your grievanceswelcome to my worldeternal yip eye
the monkeesmary, maryhip hop roots: the breaks the started it alltommy boythe monkees influence hiphop? really? hm...C