Al Gore Rhythm

with DJ Doublethink

Friday, April 4, 2008
04:00 to 06:00
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Artist Song Album Label New
Mirah Cold Cold Water Advisory Committee
Mates of State Ha Ha Team Boo
Sigur Ros Untitled 1 ( )
Mates of State Ha Ha Team Boo
A Silver Mt. Zion Track 3 Horses in the Sky
Red Sparowes Track 3 Every Red Heart Shines Toward the Red Sun
Planes Mistaken for Stars Track 12 We Ride to Fight *
Defiance, Ohio The Years the Fears the Sleep The fear the fear the fear no Idea recs *
Aloha Body Buzz Light Works Polyvinyl *
Tristeza When We Grow Spine and Sensory Better Looking
The Mountain Goats Woke Up New Get Lonely 4AD
Royksopp Eple Melody AM Wall of Sound
Throw me the statue About to Walk Moonbeams secretly canadian *
Mtn High Life Coach Wicked Wanderer Hot Dog City *
A Silver Mt. Zion Take These Hands and Throw them in the river born into trouble as the sparks fly upward constellation
Sparrows Swarm and Sing Part III Untitled No. 2 Perpetual Motion
Mammal Fatherlands Lonsome Drifter Animal Disguise *
Defiance, Ohio The List The Fear the fear the fear No Idea *
Mirah advisory committee advisory committee K records
Sigur Ros Untitled 8 ( ) Fat Cat