Sam's Storytime Castle

with Sam

Thursday, March 27, 2008
02:00 to 04:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request
Dan Deacon Crystal Cat Spiderman of the Rings Opener
Electrelane In Berlin No Shouts No Calls
Ladyhawk Night You're Beautiful Shots *
Black Mountain Angels In The Future *
Frog Eyes Bushels Tears of the Valedictorian SO GOOD
TV on the Radio Staring At The Sun Young Liars Best day of my life? R
Celebration Foxes Celebration Friends of TVOTR and YYY's
LCD Soundsystem North American Scum Sound of Silver R
Speedknot Mobstas Gangstaz Don't Dance Money To Blow *
Liz Phair Divorce Song Exile In Guyville R
Stars Your Ex Girlfriend Is Dead Set Yourself On Fire R
Dr. Dog Heart It Races 7" Architecture in Helsinki cover *
Mae Shi Eat The Prize Heartbeeps
Sholi Sprout and Bean Herjat 7" Joanna Newsom cover... soooo good *
Defiance, Ohio Can't Stop Won't Stop The Fear, The Fear, The Fear *
Sleater Kinney Modern Girl The Woods
Battles Leyendecker Mirrored
Raveonettes Black Satin Lust Lust Lust *
Destroyer Blue Flower/Blue Flame Trouble In Dreams For Lillian *
The National Karen Alligator
Sonic Youth Eric's Trip (Live) Daydream Nation Reissue
Magnetic Fields Washington DC 69 Love Songs Pt. 2
French Kicks Living Room Is Empty Young Lawyer
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Glosa Picaresca Wou Men Calibration Dude from Mars Volta... *
Hey Fashion Victims Dig For Fire Pixies Cover *
TV Ghost Babel TV Ghost *
Modern Lovers I'm Straight Modern Lovers
Terrordactyls Decoration Daniel Terrordactyls *
Jay Reatard Turning Blue Blood Visions *