with DDDDiana

Monday, March 17, 2008
22:00 to 00:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Goldfrapp Caravan Girl Seventh Tree Mute It's the new Goldfrapp, everybody! *
Xiu Xiu I Do What I Want When I Want Women as Lovers Kill Rock Stars (!) It's not depressing, it's Jamie Stewart. *
TV on the Radio Wash the Day Live at Ameoba Interscope Rolling Stone voted return to cookie mountain the fourth best album of the year, and Spin magazine voted the band as 2006 Artist of the Year. This is not that album.
Dead Meadow Ain't Got Nothing to Go Wrong Old Growth Matador In 2002 the drummer, Mark Laughlin, left to be a lawyer. *
Wagon Christ The Funnies Sorry I Make You Lush Ninjatune Alias of Luke Vibert, this album samples from Diamonds are Forever the Bond film.
Elf Power The Modern Mind Creatures SpinArt Getting you pumped for my Elephant 6 Collective show Wednesday 10-12pm. Prepare thyself.
American Music Club All My Love The Golden Age Merge Mark Eitzel has gone super SF-happy on this one. Sad and slow like the frisco. *
Rafter Tropical Sex Death Cassette Asthmatic Kitty Founder = sufjan. *
Shout Magic Accolades Ceiling Fan and Other Revolutions Chief City Philly locals! *
Gravy Train!!! Ghost Boobs Are You Wigglin? Kill Rock Stars Chunx, Hunx, Junx, and Funx. Now that Drunx has left, of course.
Lilys Diana's Diana Everything Wrong is Imaginary Manifesto Kurt Heasly heasing it up 60s pop styley.
Bobb Trimble Premonitions-- The Fantasy Harvest of Dreams Secretly Canadian An 80s classic. *
Erase Errata Dexter is #2 Other Animals Troubleman Unlmtd. They name Captain Beefheart as an inspiration. As well as the Minutemen.
Jenny Mae Jesus There's a Bar Around the Corner Anyway Ohio band influences like you wouldn't believe- Death Ride, Vibralux, Belreve. R
Daft Punk Da Funk ALIVE 2007 Virgin It never gets old. NEVER. *
The Mabuses June Mabused! Magpie So the magpie is this kind of crow that's really bad luck. Spit three times, my friends.
Ill Ease New York, No Wave All Systems A Go-Go Cochon So Cochon means pig. Pig records. It sounds so pretty in French and so punk in english. bad punk. bad.
Massive Attack Radiation Ruling the Nation No Protection Gyroscope Their 1994 video Karmacoma almost looks like the set of Snatch. Best movie of all time ps.
Yoshida Brothers Cherry Blossoms in Winter III Domo Very traditional Japanese.
Black Star Astronomy Black Star Rawkus Collaboration between Mos Def and Talib Kweli 1998.
Ladytron Destroy Everything You Touch The Witching Hour Rykodisc Electroclash at its best.
Red Hot Lovers Aint got to wait A Fistful of Rock n Roll Steel Cage All mixed up together in punk harmony. * C