The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, March 5, 2008
13:00 to 15:30
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New
N.J. Association of Teachers of English Are You Listening? Are You Listening? Release of the NJAOTOE
Gabor Szabo Spellbinder Gabor Szabo Live ABC/Blue Thumb
Barrett Clark The Automobile A Child's Introduction to the Automobile and The Airplane Wonderland
Nick Mason's Fictitous Sports Can't Get My Motor to Start Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports Harvest
Ella Jenkins Put Your Instruments Away Play Your Intruments and Make a Pretty Sound Folkways
Human Arts Ensemble A Lover's Desire Under The Sun Arista Freedom
Rodan Darjeerling Inclined Plane 7 Simple Machines
Ruby Falls Special Angels Two 7" Spartadisc
Samiam Too Many Buttons 7" Lookout
Sweet I Wanna Be Committed Desolation Boulevard Capitol
Stereolab Tempter 7" Sub Pop
Panda Riot She Dares All Things She Dares All Things S/R *
Arcwelder Truth Pull Touch and Go
Illuminea Build Your Own Out of Our Mouths High Two *
Stampeders With You I Got Wheels Sweet City Woman Bell
Times New Viking Relevant: Now Rip it Off Matador *
Peter Stampfel and The Bottlecaps Random Violence Peter Stampfel and The Bottle Caps Rounder
B.T. Express Give it What You nGot Non Stop Roadshow
Bert and I Bert and I Stem Inflation Bert and I Stem Inflation Bert and I
Wesley Willis Foo Fighters Rock and Roll Will Never Die Oglio
Chris Squire Lucky Seven Fish Out Of Water Atlantic
Ides of March Bald Medussa Vehicle WB
Jonathan Winters Maude Frickett and The Funeral Humor Seen Through the Eyes of Jonathan Winters Verve