Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
21:00 to 23:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label
Din_Fiv Through The Looking Glass Escape To Reality Metropolis
Imperative Reaction Predicate Eulogy For A Sick Child Pendragon
X Marks The Pedwalk Meshwork. M 1 Meshwork Cleopatra
Manhole Vortex Eaten Agents Of Goldstein Rev. Ammonia D. BMI Arts Industria
Suicide Commando Body Count Proceed Mindstrip Metropolis
Synaptic Defect Wake Up! ( Buried Dreams Remix ) Mechanical Oppression BLC
Project Pitchfork Instead Of An Angle Kaskade Metropolis
Leather Strip Adrenalin Rush Solitary Confinement n/a
Lassigue Bendthaus Cloned #1 (8) Cloned Metropolis
Clock DVA Cypher ( Glyph ) Collective n/a
Polygon Window Quoth Surfing On Sinewaves Warp
Michele Sainte Dream Maker ( Demo version ) n/a s/r
Derma-Tek Rise From The Ashes Corpus Technological DSBP
Maxx Klaxxon Here For One Reason ( with Club Telex Noise Ensemble + Chicks On Speed ) Paranoid Style Popular Front Records
Hilt Get Stuck Call The Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself Netwerk
Leaf Blower 93 Degrees In Midair Hello World s/r
B12 Obsessed Electro-Soma Warp
Motomachine Voracious ( Motomix ) n/a
Pain Receptor Bleak-Union n/a s/r
Terrorfakt Headcase The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself
Nine Inch Nails Head Like A Hole Pretty Hate Machine TVT Records