the worried waltz

with basil duck

Sunday, February 24, 2008
22:00 to 00:00
worried waltz
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
david bowie fantastic voyage lodger rca
brian eno no one receiving before & after science editions eg
iggy pop baby the idiot rca
walker brothers fat mama kick nite flights columbia
peter hammill fogwalking a black box static
devo blockhead duty now for the future warner brothers
prince something in the water does not compute 1999 warner brothers
the clash junkie slip sandinista columbia
wire get down 1 + 2 154 restless bonus track
the stranglers just like nothing on earth the gospel according to themeninblack emi
laurie anderson walk the dog 12 inch b side warner brothers
peter ivers alpha centauri nirvana peter warner brothers
associates message oblique speech fourth drawer down v2
this heat sleep deceit these
the the the twilight hour soul mining epic
john cale carribean sunset carribean sunset ze
nico tananore camera obscura beggars banquet
robert wyatt alliance old rottenhat rough trade
the cure if only tonight we could sleep kiss me kiss me kiss me fiction
scott walker track six climate of hunter virgin
the creatures thumb a bestiary of polydor
meredith monk double fiesta music sampler boosey & hawkes
masami tsuchiya haina-haina rice music epic
tenko ? slope kbr
zazou bikaye cy1 woa noir et blanc crammed
cassiber robert beauty & the beast rer
mark stewart don't you ever lay down your arms learning to cope with cowardice on u sound
palais schaumberg die freude palais schaumberg phonogram
andy partridge new broom the dub experiments 78-80 virgin
kate bush the fog the sensual world columbia
eno/cale cordoba wrong way up opal
cale/neuwirth excerpts from last day on earth last day on earth mca
mercury rev everlasting arm everlasting arm ep beggars banquet
robert wyatt duchess shleep hannibal
arthur h. le sculpteur aveugle trouble-fete polydor
portishead half day closing portishead go beat
tricky talk to me angels with dirty faces angels with dirty faces island
pram mother of pearl museum of imaginary animals merge
vinicio capossela canzone e manovella canzoni a manovella east west
momus oskar tennis champion oskar tennis champion american patchwork
bjork cvalda selmasongs elektra
david sylvian the heart knows better blemish samadhisound
broadcast the little bell haha sound warp
terje isungset/sidsel endresen wisdom igloo all ice played on instruments made of ice
final fantasy arrow he poos clouds tomlab
tuxedomoon muchos colores vapour trails crammed
radiohead last flowers in rainbows ? bonus track from box set
monade tout en tout est un monstre cosmic too pure
baby dee the earlie king safe inside the day drag city
atlas sound on guard/scaping past let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel kranky
xiu xiu i do what i want when i want/child at arms women as lovers kill rock stars