More shrimp than Joe's Crabshack

with DJ You Wish You Had All This

Saturday, February 23, 2008
15:00 to 16:00
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Nick CaveRock of GibraltarNocturamaAnti/MuteSome bad seeds for you.
The RamonesRock and Roll High SchoolAnthologyYou know itRock and roll in the ivy league.
CalifoneTrick BirdHeron King BLVESThill 135
The RaincoatsLolaThe RaincoatsDavid GeffenExcellent re-issue.
RatatatBreaking AwayRatatatXL and BeggarsSo smooth. Evan Mast and Mike Stroud.
RasputinaDraconian CrackdownOh Perilous WorldFilthy BonnetLittle known fact: Draco was an Athenian legal scribe who meted out ridiculously harsh punishments
The Postal ServiceSuch Great HeightsSuch Great HeightsSub PopJimmy Tamborello is his real name.
Cold Cold HeartsAny ResemblanceCold Cold HeartsKill Rock StarsAngry Girl Rockers, my favorite flavor
HeliumLucky CharmSuperball+ EPMatadorIt's like a dark carnival.
The DecemberistsBilly LiarHer Majesty the DecemberistsKill Rock StarsKRS really packs in the ambiguous ones. I'd explain what that means but...
Rilo KileyThe Execution of All ThingsThe Execution of All ThingsSaddle CreekShe writes about having Bi-Polar. Love it.
MusclesIce CreamGuns Babes LemonadeModularPetty. Pretty and Petty.*
The Postal ServiceThe District Sleeps AloneGive UpSub PopStamps.
Hot ChipMade in the DarkMade in the DarkEMIVery hot. Lots of Chips.*