No, you're under arrest

with Di Di

Has anyone ever been tasered? Please call me and tell me about it.

Saturday, February 16, 2008
14:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Lightspeed Champion Everyone I know is listening to Crunk Falling off the lavender bridge Domino Fantastic song. Great album. The harmonies and trumpet in this song are reminiscent of a ska 1940s comeback type deal. *
Bishop Allen Rain The Broken String Dead Oceans Straight outta Beantown. But not southie. *
Exploding Star Orchestra Part 2 We are all from somewhere else. Thrill Jockey Billed as jazz. Billed as a 14 man orchestra. I'm billing them as rock awesome. *
Daft Punk Da Funk Alive Virgin Live. I can't imagine how incredible a live show would be. Probably like a giant dance party with bizarre attendees. *
Daft Punk Live Live Virgin Ok, so same song but ten years ago. It's only gotten better over time. And by gotten better i mean hasnt changed.
Radiohead Bodysnatchers In Rainbows Self Released Yorke told Time, "I like the people at our record company, but the time is at hand when you have to ask why anyone needs one. And, yes, it probably would give us some perverse pleasure to say 'FU' to this decaying business model. *
MGMT 4th Dimensional Transition Oracular Spectacular Columbia Prefix Magazine said the album "sounds like a college-dorm experiment gone horribly right." *
Sally Shapiro Find My Soul Disco Romance Paper Bag She says of her persona: "What if I did a show in Italy, where there's no-one I know. If I just went onto the stage, did my thing and left without having any further contact if I didn't want to. Then I'd still be able to keep myself outside of it and just regard it as Sally's thing." *
Bonde do Role Marina Gasolina Radio Edit Marina Gasolina Domino So she's actually saying Marina Gasolina amphetamines, Marina Gasolina caparina sugary everclear basically, Marina Gasolina feterina some girl's name? Thanks to my sister's broken portoguese. *
The Blow The is There, I Am Here Bonus Album K From portland. The first band ever from portland.
Camille Yarbrough All Hid The Iron Pot Cooker Vanguard Spoken word artist. With music. Bringing the good stuff.
Neutral Milk Hotel Song Against Sex Avery Island Merge 'So why should I lay here naked when it's just too far away from anything you could call loving and love worth living for so I'll sleep out in the gutter you can sleep here on the floor."
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth Self Titled Self Released Rolling Stone described them as the "Hot New Band" for 2005.
Neutral Milk Hotel Holland, 1945 In the Aeroplane over the Sea Merge Jeff Mangum read Anne Frank
Beirut Cliquot The Flying Cup Club Ba Da Bing Cliquot. Like the Champagne. Delish. *
Beirut Elephant Gun Lon Gisland Ba Da Bing Condon plays the ukulele due to a wrist injury that prevented his hand from reaching fully around the neck of a guitar.
Beirut Postcards from Italy Gulag Orkestar Ba Da Bing Comparison made to Sufjan. Validity of claims unconfirmed.
Neko Case HEX Neko Case Epitaph Neko went to Vancouver, British Columbia in 1994 to attend the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.
Neko Case Star Witness Fox confessor brings the flood Sadies Music My mother and I have an ongoing fued about the actual meaning of these lyrics. My mother maintains that she is a ghost who witnesses a car crash and I maintain that she's Beth Orton.
Neko Case #7 Blacklisted Bloodshot "I never want to play an arena, and I never want to be on the MTV Video Music Awards, much less make a video with me in it."
The Clash The Right Profile London Calling Epic It's the clash. I played the clash.
The Casual Dots I'll Dry My Tears The Casual Dots Kill Rock Stars Kathi Wilcox from the Frumpies and Bikini Kill.
The Flaming Lips Do You Realize Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell Warner Bros. I love that commercial with the little kid waving.