I'm Sorry This Isn't Memory Lane but Death Threats? Come On

with DJ Diana

Saturday, February 9, 2008
14:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Iron & Wine Boy with a Coin The Shepherd's Dog Sub Pop Sam Beam is the man. Great tango music video. *
Sigur Ros Von Hvarf-Heim XL Straight from the fjord to your ears. *
Andrew Bird Weather Systems Weather Systems Righteous Babe Records New to me. Apparently a huge following of which I was previously unawares.
The Black Keys Strange Desire Your Touch EP Nonesuch A friend of the band's used the term 'black keys' to describe people who were just a little bit off.
Pam Kellum What You See You Can't Get Absolute Funk vol. 3 Body & Soul Funky rarities. C
Muscles Ice Cream Guns Babes Lemonade Modular My computer keeps filling in 'guns babes lemonade' whenever I type 'muscles' into anything. It makes me feel alternately like a bad ass and slightly embarassed. *
Bishop Allen Rain The Broken String Dead Oceans In May 2003 Bishop Allen released its first album 'Charm School' I wonder how much perceptions of the concept of Charm School has changed since the Flavor of Love girls came into our lives. *
Radiohead Videotape In Rainbows Self Released Self released. Because they can. *
Bonde do Role Marina Gasolina: Peaches Remix Marina Gasolina Domino Brazilian band. They're playing Coachella 2008. *
REM Losing My Religion Live REM LIVE Warner Bros REM. How we loved you in the 90s. *
Radiohead Bodysnatchers In Rainbows self released Awesome Request! * R
Daft Punk Da Funk ALIVE Virgin DP is described as gainging popularity on the French House scene. Like french rap, I can't picture it. *
Architecture in Helsinki Heart it Races Heart it Races Poly Vinyl Australian band. Crazy.
Apples in Stereo Strawberry Fire Her Wallpaper Reverie Spin Art Elephant six collective affiliated. Jeffry Mangum you've done it to us again. Perfection. Psychadelic perfection.
Ariel Pinks Howling at the Moon Sacred Famous Human Ear Way eccentric. *
Beirut Elephant Gun Lon Gisland EP Ba Da Bing Elephant gun, that's serious business. I have a great elephant gun story involving some parents being away for the weekend, an elephant gun, and an unsuspecting swimming pool.
The Pinkz You're Tearin Me Apart The Pinkz Radio Beat Records Girl garage band. Incredible.
Lightspeed Champion Everyone I Know is Listening to Crunk Falling off the Lavendar Bridge Domino Heavy and obvious ties to Saddle Creek and Bright Eyes. *
Sally Shapiro I Know Disco Romance Paper Bag Italo disco. *
MGMT Kids Oracular Spectacular Columbia This band was formed at Wesleyan while the founding members were students. I always wanted to start a band in college but I only knew tonedeaf biochem majors. *
The Blow Parentheses Paper Television ? Something in the deli isle makes you cry. It makes me cry too. Because I'm a vegan and a bleeding heart.
Sufjan Stevens John Wayne Gacy, Jr. Illinois Asmathic Kitty Creepy. Haunting. Awesome.
Arcade Fire No Cars Go Neon Bible Merge I leave you with Arcade Fire. Burning Donkey Kong.