Personal Best

with DJ Harder Better Faster Stronger

Friday, February 8, 2008
15:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
Daft Punk Da Funk Alive Virgin *
Muscles Hey Muscles I Love You Guns Babes Lemonade Modular No muscles, I want to have your babies. *
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Yellow Country Teeth Self Titled Self Released This song fills me with joy. Not that I understand it.
MGMT Kids Oracular Spectacular Columbia Still don't know the words. *
Boat I've got Ninjas! Songs that you might like Magic Marker No boat, I've got ninjas.
Lightspeed Champion Everyone I Know is Listening to Crunk Falling Off The Lavendar Bridge Domino "Falling off the lavendar bridge?" sounds like a euphemism. *
Bishop Allen The Chinatown Bus May EP Bishop Allen was formed by two post college dudes in Boston. Magic Happened.
Bishop Allen Rain The Broken String Dead Oceans They had formative times in Cambridge, which, if you've ever been has the best homeless people. They're cold but they sure are friendly. *
Bishop Allen Click Click Click July Total blog favorite.
The Decemberists The Infanta Picaresque Kill Rock Stars 2005 album.
The Decemberists Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect The Castaways and Cutouts Kill Rock Stars 2003 album.
The Decemberists Billy Liar Her Majesty the Decemberists Kill Rock Stars Also 2003. Also awesome.
Lilys A Diana's Diana Everything Wrong is Imaginary Manifesto That's my name. This is my song.
Lilys The Escape Zero Population Growth Darla 1999 album. Very techno-electronic.
Lilys the tennis system (and its Stars) Better Can't Make Your Life Better Primary Recordings 1996 album. Kurt Heasly makes this band incredible, ten years strong.
Iron & Wine Upward over the Mountain The Creek Drank the Cradle Sub Pop 2006 album.
Iron & Wine Beneath the Balcony The Sea & The Rhythm Sub Pop 2003 album.
Iron & Wine Jezebel Woman King Sub Pop 2005 album. Jezebel, what a story. Makes me look at my schnauzer a little warily.
Sally Shapiro Skating in the Moonshine Disco Romance Paper Bag Sometimes very 80s, always disco, kind of amazing. *
Foundry Field Recordings Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts Das Kompilation Painfully Midwestern Great non-label compilation. C
Bonde Do Role Solta o Frago: Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Remix Marina Gasolina Domino Love love love it. Check out videos of live shows on YouTube I think you'll be blown away. *
Rilo Kiley Execution of All Things Execution of All Things This song was on six feet under. I really love how accurately Claire and her musical tastes are chosen.
Rilo Kiley Dreamworld Under the Blacklight Warner Bros. Love Jenny Lewis, she of course recorded with the Postal Service which