It's funny cause it's true

with DJ Di

Friday, February 1, 2008
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
Iron and Wine Boy with a Coin The Shepherd's Dog Sub Pop I saw the music video for this, the tango one, interesting. One trick pony. *
The Most Serene Republic A Mix of Sun and Cloud Population Arts and Crafts Sounds like Broken Social Scene. Atmospheric. *
Bonde Do Role Office Boy Marina Gasolina Domino This album has museum quality remixes of their most popular songs by artists like Peaches, Ladytron, and CSS. *
Daft Punk Da Funk Alive Virgin How do electronic bands play live? You can't exactly crowd surf holding a synthesizer. *
Moving Units The Kids from Orange County Hexes for Exes Metropolis Perhaps the most pleasing cover art of all time. Kaleidascopic gemscapes in gold and silver against a black backdrop. I clearly dont have much to say about their music. *
Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes Let me see your eyes The Witch's Dagger GSL Lead singer Rhani Lee Remedes does awesome Siouxsie-tastic vocals.
Lightspeed Champion Everyone I know is listening to Crunk Falling off the lavendar bridge Domino The jacket of this album has a picture of a room papered in Dolly Parton memorabilia. Her name backwards is notrap. *
Aesop Rock 11:35 featuring Mr. Lif Bazooka Tooth Definitive Jux Mad magazine cover art totally in keeping with the twisted fairytale theme.
Audiophyle Parrots Walking Cog Homewrecker Awesome request! R
MGMT Kids Oracular Spectacular Columbia Do I play this every show? Yes. Yes I do. *
Sally Shapiro Find my Soul Disco Romance Paper Bag Oh Sally. You love the 80s so much it's like you're rainbow brite. *
The Violent Femmes Old Mother Reagan The Blind Leading the Naked Warner Bros. Awesome request! R
The Violent Femmes No Killing The Blind Leading the Naked Warner Bros. Awesome request! R
White Williams I Want Candy Smoke Tigerbeat6 In the cover art a glammed out model is crying candy. Incredible cover. *
Sigur Ros Salka Hvarf-Heim XL Iceland. Are they speaking icelandic or english? Only god knows for sure. *
Joy Division Love will tear us apart Control Soundtrack Warner Bros. This film is about Ian Curtis, very Joy Division centric. * C
Psychadelic Horses Portals Magic Flowers Droned Revolver Pavement reminiscent, we discussed Pavement yesterday as a Matador favorite. *
Ex Models featuring Kid Millions Buy American Chrome Panthers Troubleman Unlimited Awesome request! R
Shout Out Louds Hard Rain Our Ill Wills Merge Awesome request! Album produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John. * R
Iron and Wine & Calexico Dark Eyes I'm Not There- collection of Dylan Covers Columbia Kate Blanchette makes the freakishly most physically similar Bob Dylan of all time. Creepy hot. * C
Lamps Eliseo Lamps In the Rep Very Diane Arbus cover art with haunting portraits and bizarrely costumed circus creatures. If you choose to ignore the dog in a spacesuit on the jacket. *
The Busy Signals Uh Oh The Busy Signals Dirtnap Native to chicago, this band takes the best from all the bands of its kind and mooshes them into musical ecstasy. *
Cheval Sombre I Sleep Esopus Magazine #9: Dreams Esopus This is cool. Esopus magazine collecting submissions from readers of descriptions of their dreams. Then they gave those descriptions to 11 bands to use as inspiration for songs. This is the mellow and soothing result- pretty cool, eh? * C
Muscles Guns Babes Lemonade Ice Cream Modular Catchy music. Substantive? I'll leave that up to you. *
Brian Jonestown Massacre If Love Is The Drug, Then I Want to OD Live at WVFS TB These songs were recorded at Florida State's radio station. *
Sleeping People Johnny Depp Sleeping People Temporary Residence San Diego 4 piece math rock band with 'sparks of genius.'
Emotional Joystick Majik Johnson Bellicose Pacific Zod The cover art features a unicorn with a ballistic missile strapped to its back. Very accurate depiction of their music.
Kelley Stoltz Where you're going The Sun Comes Through EP Sub Pop It's like i'm back at the moonlit lounge in Reno. Without the slots. Or the Reno.
Battles Tonto Tonto+ Warp Long spacey math rock. *
Shudder to Think Love Catastrophe get your goat Dischord Awesome Request! R
Joanna Newsom The Book of Right-on The Milk Eyed Mender Drag City Awesome Request! R
Hella Magixburg Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass Narnack Awesome Request! R
Can Hallelujah Tago Mago Mute/Restless Retro Awesome Request! R
Neutral Milk Hotel Song Against Sex Avery Island Merge Perhaps the greatest band of all time. If Jeffrey Mangum weren't washing his hands 60 times in a row I'm sure he'd be blowing us away with brand new music. Cheers to that.
Panda Riot Plateau she dares all things A Philly/Chicago duo with great female vocals. *
Pacific UV LAPD v. NYPD (eluvium remix) EP Warp This album includes a remix from their self titled 2003 full length. *
Panda Riot Plateau she dares all things A Philly/Chicago duo with great female vocals. *
Jonathan Kane Guitar Trio February Table of the Elements A cover of Rhys Chatham's Guitar trio.