Not Truth, But Effect

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featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 6pm

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
17:00 to 19:00
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Flaming FireHigh bellWhen the high bell ringsSilly Bird#20 fav song of 2007
Lupe Fiasco, feat. Matt SantosSuperstar"Dumb it down"/"Superstar" (12" single)Atlantic#19 fav song of 2007
Ox.Eagle.Lion.ManFatherhood"Fatherhood"/"Motherhood" (7" single)Transgressive#18 fav song of 2007
Rufus Wainwright vs. SupermayerTiergarten"Tiergarten" (12" single)STARS#17 fav song of 2007
youngplan.Little things"Fist fight"/"Little things" (7" single)self-released#16 fav song of 2007
Dear NoraThis will be our yearsplit 7" (w/Ricky & Dave)Curt & Molly#15 fav song of 2007*
Arctic Monkeys with Dizzee RascalTemptation greets you like your naughty friend"Brianstorm" (CD single)Domino#14 fav song of 2007
Little John RocketAt an endsplit 7" (w/The Skuzzies)Framingo#13 fav song of 2007
The WireThe Pussycat song"The Pussycat song"/"The Dream" (7" single)self-released#12 fav song of 2007*
Bob DylanSubterranean homesick blues (warped)Bringing it all back homeColumbia1965...Warped Moment
The Ghost FrequencyNightmare"Nightmare"/"For the wolves" (7" single)City Rockers#11 fav song of 2007
Fujiya & MiyagiUh"Uh"/"One trick pony" (7" single)Regal#10 fav song of 2007*
Wooden ShjipsLoose lips"Loose lips"/"Start to dreaming" (7" single)Sub Pop#9 fav song of 2007
Effi BriestThe Newly-wed song"Mirror rim"/"The Newly-wed song" (7" single)Loog#8 fav song of 2007
Cansei De Ser SexyPretend we're dead"Let's make love & listen to Death From Above"/"Pretend we're dead" (8" single)Sub Pop#7 fav song of 2007
Zan PanSirens of Titan"Sirens of Titan"/"Swati" (7" single)Pigeon Coup#6 fav song of 2007
Vampire WeekendA-punk"A-punk"/"Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" (7" single)Free News#5 fav song of 2007*
Sebastien TellierSexual sportswear (SebastiAn remix)"Sexual sportswear" (12" single)Record Makers#4 fav song of 2007
Operator PleaseJust a song about ping pong"Just a song about ping pong"/"In motion" (7" single)Brille#3 fav song of 2007
JusticePhantomâ? Ed Banger/Vice#2 fav song of 2007
Does It Offend You, Yeah?Weird science"Weird science" (7" single)self-released#1 fav song of 2007