Not Truth, But Effect

with KPC

featuring the weekly Warped Moment at 6pm

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
17:00 to 19:00
other shows

Brazilian GirlsLazy loverBrazilian GirlsVerve2005...playing Thursday @Terminal 5, NYC
Ulrich SchnaussBlumenthalA Strangley isloated placeDomino2005...playing Thursday @Europa, NYC
We Are WolvesLa NatureNon-stop je te plie en deuxFat Possum2005...playing Thursday @Knitting Factory, NYC
The Most Serene RepublicA Mix of sun and cloudPopulationArts & Crafts2007...playing Thursday @Southpaw, NYC*
White MagicPalm and wineDat rosa lem apibusDrag City2007...playing Thursday @Johnny Brenda's, Philly
Reigning SoundStraight shooterTime bomb high schoolIn The Red2002...playing Saturday @Southpaw, NYC
Public EnemyRightstarter (message to a black man)Yo! Bum rush the showDef Jam1987.. playing Wednesday, 12/19 @Irving Plaza, NYC
R.E.M.Gardening at nightChronic townIRS1981
AlohaTrick springLight worksPolyvinyl2007*
C O C OAsteroidsPlay drums + bassK2007*
Of MontrealKrissy kiss the corpseSatanic panic in the atticPolyvinyl2004
Michael JacksonBillie Jean...warped!ThrillerEpic1982...Warped Moment
Marlena ShawWoman of the ghettoChess psychedelic & funky groovesChess1969/2005 (comp. release) C
M83Coloring the voidDigital shades, vol. 1Mute2007*
The PassionsI'm in love with a German film starPostpunk chronicles: left of the dialRhino1981/1999 (comp. release) C
GlasvegasFlowers and football tops"Daddy's gone"/"Flowers and football tops" (7" single)Sane Man Recordings2007
Pain TeensInside mePain TeensCharnel/Anomie (original release)1988
The RomanticsTalking in your sleepIn heatNemperor1983
Princess SuperstarBad babysitterIsRapster2002
BabytalkKeep on move (six-leg friend mix)"Keep on move" (12" single)Sticky Disc2007
Brother Jr.Orange WesThird ear candyBirdman2007*
WZT HeartsSpellsThreads rope spell making your bonesCarpark2007*
ClockcleanerHuman pigeonBabylon rulesLoad2007*