with Jon Solomon

we're moving! we're moving!

Wednesday, June 2, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Mission Of BurmaThe SetupONOffONWPRB is up and leaving our current digs for the first time in 58 years. Right now the music library is in several hundred cardboard boxes surrounding me. This week we're going to hear nothing but new releases to bide the time.*
Pookey BlowGet Up (And Go To School)The Third UnheardOld-School Connecticut Hip Hop.* C
Midnite SnakeMachinegun CockS/TShares a drummer with Modey Lemon. From Pittsburgh.*
FelaZombieZombieOriginally released in 1977.
Girl TalkCan't StopUnstoppableGlitchy Glitchy ya ya.*
Destruction UnitDenyS/TMembers of Lost Sounds.*
Really RedToo Political?Teaching You The FearReissued 1978-1984 recordings from this Texas punk band.*
Harold Richardson & The TicklersHealing In The BalmyardMento MadnessCompilation of Jamacian music from 1951-1956* C
Bardo Pond & Tom Carter19:434/23/03*
Bound StemsSine Cosine Tang SignLevityCdr
Brian and ChrisCrossing12"*
Les Savy FavFading VibesInchesOriginally released as a single on Suicide Squeeze*
Deniz Tek & Scott MorganAsteroid B-6123 AssassinsSonic's Rendezvous Band cover.*
Kenge Kenge Orutu SystemsObura JabiloThe Rough Guide To The Music Of Kenya* C
The Flesh EatersKiss On My Cheek/Suicide SaddleNo Questions AskedOriginally released in 1980.*
Tamion 12 InchThe Devil Was Right Pt. 1Let's Suffer*
Roy Loney & The LongshotsDoggone FineDrunkard In The Think TankFormerly of The Flamin' Groovies.*
The VulvettesArmored CarThis Is The Science We Believe InRaw.*
NomeansnoGive Me The PushThe People's Choice"Best Of" Cd as chosen by the bands' fans.*
Oxford CollapseBack In Com AgainSome WildernessI have seen this band three times with three different bass players. This makes me part of a fairly exclusive fraternity, or so I am told.*
Artimus PyleYou'll Never Have To Leave Home AgainFucked From Birth*
Viento De Agua unpluggedPa' Un PleneroMateria Prima* C
Knife In The WaterSlaveryPlays One Sound and OthersThis song is a new addition on the reissue of this Austin band's 1997 debut.
Was (Not Was)Wheel Me OutMutant Disco
DMBQGirl CreamSample For The USASabbath-y Japanese psych.*
S PrcssI'm A Motorcycle Drummer In A Moped BandTaste Like DaughterYou're wrong this band is without end. So you need to bend. Now shut the van door.*
Acid Mothers TempleLa Le Lo (Occitanian Trad.)Mantra Of Love*