Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
22:00 to 00:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label Request Comp
Synaesthesia Androeda Wired Injections Cleopatra C
Informatik Physical Education Nymphomatik Metropolis
Terminal Choice No Chance ( Anger Version ) Club Bizarre 1 SPV C
Apoptygma Berzerk Mourn Seven Metropolis
Hocico Where Angels Don't Sing Sangre Hitviente Interbeat
Biopsy Indifference Cervix State Sequences DSBP
High Level Static RBMK n.4 Shining Matrix Cube
Project Pitchfork Corps D'amour Corps D'amour Candyland
Ministry We Believe Twitch Sire
Leather Strip Adrenalin Rush Solitary Confinement n/a
Psychic TV I Believe What You Said ( Leather Strip Remix ) Wired Injections Cleopatra R C
Deva Dementia Vitriol n/a s/r
Neotek La Morte De Mio Padre ( Due ) 14'12'15'17'15 A s/r
Dawn Of Ashes Hellbound ( Club Mix ) Interbreeding 4 - Gefarlich BLC C
Dead Jump Post Mortem Interbreeding 4 - Gefarlich BLC C
Neotek La Morte De Mio Padre ( Due ) 14'12'15'17'15 A s/r
Gus Gus Vs. T- World Northern Lights Gus Gus Vs. T- World 4AD
B12 Telephone 529 Electro Soma Warp
Leaf Blower Tripcop Hello World s/r
C/ A/ T Cleared Channel ( Corporate Control Mix ) The Prisoner Crunchpod
Seraph Of Treason Entity The Burning Demos MI 6
Moto Machine You Look Dead ( Moto Mix ) You Look Dead s/r
Genasis Apple Revalution In Place s/r
Object The Reflecting Skin The Reflecting Skin n/a