The Clothesline

with Wilbo

Wednesday, November 7, 2007
13:00 to 15:30
other shows

Artist Song Album Label New
Sainkho Namchylak & Roy Carroll Popular Poetry Tuva-Irish Live Music Project Leo
Albert Ayler (w/Henry Vestine) Untitled Duet The Last Album Impulse
The Alchemysts & Simeon Lost Beat Magazine Simean and the Alchemysts Rubric
The Move Hello Susie The Move MFP
Stereolab The Noise of Carpet Emperor Tomato Ketchup Elektra
Golden Victory is Ours 7" Happy Go Lucky
Massacre Legs Killing Time Celluloid/OAO
Stinking Lizaveta Crooked Teeth 7" Tolotta
Damo Suzuki's Network Winner Writes History(XX XXX XXXX) Odyssey Indigo
The Make Up They Live By Night Destination:Love;Live! At Cold Rice Dischord
Boss Hog White Sand Boss Hog DGC
Cul De Sac Milk Devil 7" New World of Sound
Thunder Company Bubble Drum Instrumental Rarities See For Miles
Martin Mull Eggs Martin Mull Capricorn
Mose Allison Your Mind's on Vacation Your Mind's on Vacation Atlantic
The Tower Recordings Forum The Galaxies Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field Of... Communion
Hub Evil Twin Hub Black Shepherd
French Frith Kaiser Thompson Where's The Money? Live Love Larf Loaf Rhino
Monomono Plain Fighting Dawn of Awareness Capitol
Supersilent 8.6 Runeology 3 Rune Grammofon
Crass Major General Despair Christ The Album Bollox
Dirty Three Some Summers they Drop Like Flies Whatever You Lov, You Are Touch and Go
The Animals Boom Boom The Animals on Tour MGM
Kises Tattoo Man 7" Kise
Lighnin' Hopkins Lat Me Play With Your Poodle The Complete Aladdin Recordings EMI
The Fiery Furnaces Uncle Charlie Widow City Thrill Jockey *