Thursday, May 27, 2004
13:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
Baja Marimba Band (all songs eventually) Watch Out! A&M today's background music
my cat is an alien b-side il segno starlight furniture (mine) italian greatness
sanndreymi vertical paint smear st nano one american in iceland
painting soldiers horizonfall st 12" social registry *
Built to Spill three years ago today ultimate alternative wavers c/z from '93 R
king snake roost stonge's planet ground into the dirt am rep from '90
karate the last wars the bed is in the ocean soutthern
garden variety hedge 7" mint tone
emperor x unworthiness drones tectonic membrane/ thin strip on an endless platform snowglobe
noxagt acasta gneiss the iron point load *
codeine hard to find barely real Sub Pop R
woody guthrie old time religion the early years everest (mine)
devendra banhart See Saw rejoicing in the hands Young God *
cheepskates read your mind run better run midnight from '84
the atomic missiles warm bed on a cold night ...are real regular size monster *
los shains agento secreto el ritmo de ... electro harmonix on loan from narin
the bug executor ft. roger robinson pressure Tigerbeat6
Plan to Pink Lemon Fresh 7" extraa Small *
creatures of the golden dawn tripping the keys to the kingdom collectable (mine)
nectarine scrap 7" allied
fourtet both when I am alone and we both are split 7" w/ hella ache *
arkansaw man angels/aliens st ? from '82
The Casual Dots Hooded st krs *
Wolf Eyes rat floods stabbbed in the Face 12" Sub Pop *
mouthus sand on sand st Psych-O-Path *
lee ranaldo part 3 scriptures of the golden eternity drunken fish
odetta froggy went a courtin' odetta sings of many things rca victor on loan from narin
Knife in the Water I Sent You Up Plays One Sound and Others aspyr
Modest Mouse The World At Large Good News for People Who Love Bad News epic *
trin tran It's a burn / A Bomb split 7 show and tell *
Read Yellow Model America Radios Burn Faster Fenway *
saturn v skyfall 7" kokopop from '93
dna Grapefruit DNA on DNA no more *
Nina Simone go to hell very best of...: sugar in my bowl rca (mine)
Radel Esca My Favorite Theme 7" Echelon *
Deerhoof giga dance Milk Man krs *
elvis costello pills and soap punch the clock COLUMBIA (mine)
country teasers golden apples destroy all human life fat possum
nomads (of north carolina) thoughts of a madman from zero down! crypt crypt #006