Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
a sunny day in glasgow yellow tout new age notenuf *
cub cast a shadow betti-cola mint *
orbits smart suit shirt and tie til the word gets out (the shivvers) hyped to death (teenline #101)
v-3 photograph burns photograph burns onion from ohio, so good of course
pariah youths of age youths of age posh boy it's on posh boy so you know it's (kinda) weak, but i do so love to see the type of album artwork this one has. it's the group drawing of the band with punk rock tshirts on and like, every kind of punker represented.
leatherboy what sisters do hot pinball rock vol. 1 extra ball C
welcome all set sirs fat cat *
idaho social studies we were young and needed the money retrophonic
phantom opera trashman phantom opera new alliance
slade thanks for the memory (wham bam thank you mam) in for a penny: raves & faves shout factory *
the pinkz you're tearing me apart 7' radio beat records
cindy & the playmates now that school is through the abcs of kid soul numero group numero group does it again. jesus. their comps rule *
howard hello / greenness in fond rememberance of doug keith...wait he's still alive, i gotta call him howard hello + greeness sickroom *
leatherface sour grapes horsebox byo R
haywood the kids are taking aim men called him mister self starter foundation
robert forster 121 robert forster / grant mclennan beggars banquet go betweeners *
scrawl please have everything bloodsucker feel good all over
mirah gestation of the sacred beetle share this place k *
tiger trap tore a hole / words and smiles tiger trap k
the new pornographers myriad harbour challengers matador *
pell mell dad's top drawer the bumper crop sst
the panics i'd rather be lazy than rich 1980-1981 please panic vulcher they start off this cover of the gizmos by saying "this is a song by a band that's too OLD. what a mess
dow jones & the industrials can't stand the midwest killed by death 8 1/2 C
hubble bubble look around ( i was so upset) kbd #5
janitors track eating baby just a mish mash
rainy day saints tusk hotel cleveland vol. 3 scat yup, the fleetwood mac song. mike lupica, i'm surprised you haven't dug this one up in awhile. C
pop levi a style called crying chic the return to form black magick party counter *