mixtape maker heart breaker

with julia factorial

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
19:00 to 22:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
girl talk touch 2 feel unstoppable illegal art spasticated whooa. *
blutt astrid babyhead S-S *
nirvana sliver 7" sub pop couldn't help it
no means no this story must be told dance of the headless bourgeoisie alternative tentacles NMN in court jester costumes?
ween tick god ween satan twin tone
dead milkmen going to graceland bucky fellini enigma by now jon is rolling his eyes somewhere.
... ... ... ...
weird war if you can't beat 'em, bite 'em if you can't beat 'em... drag city like a PYTHON!!
the drags i like to die 45X3 empty
jawbreaker shirt dear you blackball tears. tears. love. *
cheap trick high roller the essential epic R
... ... ...
cucumbers you know it's all right all things to you fictitious *
andrew bird weather systems weather systems righteous babe super nice.
? bike (pink floyd cover) bicycle rodeo peekaboo love it. good attempt at syd impression. C
yoko ono midsummer new york fly ryko yoko is not crap. yoko is beauty
mclusky your children are waiting for you to die the difference between you and me is that i'm not on fire too pure *
.... ... ...
superchunk fader rules cup of sand merge sigh.
the lapse we must more backwards to progress betrayal gern blandsten hehehe chris leo makes chuckle in a loving and righteous way.
pylon crazy hits db R
trin tran h.l. / trin tran split 7" with coachwhips show and tell this label deserves many high fives. *
the krunchies cherry bombs 7" criminal iq *
pavement two states slanted and enchanted matador
... ... ...
devendra banhart rejoicing in the hands rejoicing in the hands young gog *
galaxie 500 fourth of july copenhagen ryko "i forgot to invite anybody"
the primitives sick of it sick of it lazy/bmg
the lemonheads bit part it's a shame about ray
q and not u we love our hive kxlu live vol. 7 s/r *
... ... ...
bratmobile do you like me like that ladies women girls lookout! fierce! R
les georges leningrad bad smell de us hot dogs moutarde chou blow the fuse R
the b-52's strobelight wild planet WB always fun. always appreciated. R
they might be giants nightgown of the sullen moon miscellaneous t (b sides remixes) bar none
... ... ...
green on red 16 ways (live) reverend luther china/polygram LA pseudo cowpunks? why hasn't someone named their band with this??
johnny thunders endless party que sera, sera jungle R
supercharger you irritate me ...goes way out!!! estrus
the cuts do the sleeper s/t birdman *
the cheaterslicks there's a girl don't like you in the red raw. awe.
... .... ....
cordalene isn't the sun s/t manic pop thrill
beatnik filmstars hep boys into krautrock/artist v. star inhospitable merge
x ray spex obsessed with you germfree adolescents caroline R
henry's dress a is for cribbage ep slumberland
.... ..... .....
the go betweens the house that jack kerouac built tallulah big time
the feelies real cool time time for a witness a&m stooges cover
... ... ...