Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
laurie anderson big science big science nonesuch reissue. *
the new pornographers myriad harbour challengers matador *
the meat puupets spit rise to your knees anodyne *
the poster children if you see kay daisy chain reaction twintone i just played this album on monday. but it was requested and i will honor this request... there must be something in the air about the poster children. don't know. i'm glad. THE PRIDE OF CHAMP-URBANA. R
morphine thursday cure for pain ryko
luna slash your tires lunapark elektra
they might be giants bee of the bird of the moth the else idlewild *
the three four tens r.u.b.a. down the way rainbow quartz i can only assume this is reference to the club in philadelphia *
excuse seventeen we're the seniors and we rule the school excuse seventeen atlas R
the descendents i'm the one everything sux epitaph
night of pleasure godard vs. truffaut 7' columbus discount *
sebadoh julienne the freed man domino reissue of lou & eric's 1989 lofi tascam jam. proceeded at your own weirdly insular risk. *
milkshake melon what did you do with the body? messthetics # 101 hyped to death * C
the detroit cobras only to other people tied and true bloodshot *
eric's trip stove love tara sub pop not the lemonheads cover
robert forster 121 robert forster / grant mclennan beggars banquet go betweeners dudes. so good *
dissolve strand that that is...is (not) kranky
MV & EE with the bummer road drive is that i love you green blues ecstatic peace! *
sarolta zalatnay hadd mondjam el (with skorpio) sarolta zalatnay finders keepers/bmusic *
the celibate rifles brickin' around spaceman in a satin suit hot
the dogmatics saturday night again 1981-1986 vagrant
the strand popular girl seconds waiting wasp
yacht it's coming to get you i believe in you, your magic is real marriage *
these are powers funeral xylophone 7' elsie and jack *
chokebore 2nd song motionless am rep
grafton sinker blind horse campaign dead canary
dump basic cable a grown ass man shrimper
the thermals pillar of salt 7' sub pop *
for science school boy revenge for hire don giovanni *