Scratchy Vinyl

with Tim

The insurgency is in its death throes- dick cheney

Saturday, August 18, 2007
14:00 to 16:00
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subtractiveladthe shellno mans landn5md*
swivel chairsclockwisethe slow transmissiontransit of venus*
black moth super rainbowforever heavydandelion gumgraveface recordsi cant stop playing this record. Im addicted perhaps i need a black moth super rainbow rehab to get me off this stuff*
south ambulancetake them outsouth ambulancelabrador*
the shaky handswhales singthe shaky handsholocene*
north elementeryun plug the girlberandalspox world empire*
he greenhornespattern skiessewed holesv2
the ravonettesthat great love of soundthe coolest songs in the world vol.2wicked cooltry i think*
art brutedirect hitits a bit compicateddowntown*
nina nastasia and jim whiteive been out walkingyou follow mefat cat*
o deatho lee ohead homeernest jennings*
detroit cobrasonly to other peopletied and trueblood shot*
del close & john brentbasic to hipthe beat generationword beat/rhino
jini hendrix experienceup from the skiesaxis bold as lovereprise
ken nordinereaching into inbeat generationworld beat/ rhino
trafficpaper sunbest of trafficunited artists
john handyganesha's jubilee dancekaruna sunrisemps
john coltaneom9part one)the best of impulse vol3impulse
lol coxhilli am the walrusear of the beholdersee for miles
negitivelandhow long have you been waiting for u2the story of the letter u and the numeral 2seeland media
senor coconutsmoke on the waterfiesta songsemperornorton
paul lanskyher songfantasies in tableauxcri
black moth super rainbowthey live in the meadowdandelion gumgraveface records*
laurie andersonwalkng and fallingbig sciencenonesuch
negitivlandno buisnessno buisnessfanatic
nervous nortondigthe zourch sounds of nervous norvousnorton
plunderphonicsmargo inter69 pluderphonics 96seelans
paul lanskyher selffantasies of tableuxcri
paul danskenwitcha linemanspeckeled axself relesed
jimi hendrix experiencei dont live todaythe jimi hendrix concertsreprise
laura andersonsweaterssweatersnonesuch*
donald byrddudeelectric byrdblue note