The All-Ages Show

with Paddy and Eddap

where we play music that's not just for grownups

Saturday, August 11, 2007
12:30 to 14:00
(and at 2 p.m., The Scarlet Pumpernickel with PatO

other shows

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Mary Kaye Waiting Spin Your Web s/r eddap's back from his visit to his granny's; he loved the visit, but hated the trip (toooo long)
Trout Fishing in America Are We There Yet? In FINity s/r
Jamie Broza Are We There Yet? Bad Mood Mom s/r
Justin Roberts More than Just a Minute Meltdown Carpet Square
Re-Bop Kids Little Ducky Duddle and the Bikini-Clad Caterpillar What Is It? Re-Bop Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed is having its seventh annual butterfly fest, so ...
Shad Weathersby Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp s/r
Gary Rosen Kelly the Caterpillar Pet Sounds s/r
Uncle Rock Brand New Butterfly Plays Well With Others s/r
Arthur and Friends Fly Butterfly Fly Arthur's Really Rockin' Music Mix Rounder
Jim Valley Butterflies Rainbow Planet s/r
Foster Brown Watershed Song Songs from a Naturalist's Notebook s/r Eddap has mistaken a watershed for a water closet, so we'd better enlighten him
Joe Scruggs Almost Home Bahamas Pajamas s/r CD giveaway: Congratulations to Keiran from Plainsboro
Paddytales The Big Cheese Patrick O'Shea read on air
Tickle Tune Typhoon Strange Food Singing Science Music for Little People some songs about who/what eats whom/what
Aunty K n'Em The Big Bad Wolf Pigsburgh s/r
Burl Ives Mairzy Doats Chim Chim Cheree Walt Disney
Barry Louis Polisar First it Bit My Behind Old Enough to Know Better Rainbow Morning (s/r)
Shel Silverstein Someone Ate the Baby Songs and Stories
Mr. David Crocodiles are Hungry Jump in the Jumpy House s/r
Eshu Bumpus Singing Goose Lion in Love s/r