The Clothesline

with Wright

Monday, May 17, 2004
11:00 to 14:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments Request
Emil Richards Journey to Bliss, Parts 1-6 Journey to Bliss Impulse
Barre Phillips Whoop , Few Too For All it Is JAPO
Neu! Super 78 Neu! 2 Astralwerks
Neu! After 8 Neu! 75 Astralwerks R
John Butcher/Phil Durrant Eye Splice Requests and Antisongs Erstwhile
Billy Bang Seeing Together Outline No. 12 Celluloid
Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter, David Nuss Side A Don't know, a one-sided, hand-painted thing Don't know....
Vladimir Ussachevsky-Otto Luening Invention on 12 Notes Tape Music, An Historic Concert Desto MOMA, 10/28/52
Paul Rutherford Esuni Setag The Gentle Harm of the Bourgeoisie Emanem
Ram Umbus Side A, Track 4 Center of the World Center of the Ass Run, Vol. 5 Ecstatic Yod
Steve Lacy revolutionary Suicide Actuality Cavity Search
Borah Bergman/ Peter Brotzmann Man to Mann Duo Exhilaration Soul Note
Ra Can Row Somewhere Else Ra Can Row Eye
Bob Moses, Billy Martin Mozamba Drumming Birds ITM
Chris Cutler Signal 66 Solo ReR
On Fillmore "Cave Crickets" Unexpected Guest, Eats their Own, & Cricket Conquers Cave On Fillmore Locust