Contacting Extraterrestrial Beings

with DJ Arico

Double Jointed Beats

Thursday, August 2, 2007
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label
Yacht it's all the same price I believe in you. Your Magic is real Marriage
Thievery Corporation omid (hope) The richest Man in Babylon Eighteenth Street-Lounge
Vast Aire Zenith Look Mom... No Hands Chocolate Industries
The User track 5 Sysmphony # 2 for DOt MAtrix Printers asphodel
Hugh LE Caine Dripsody Compositions Demonstrations EMF
Tactile Intervention 3 Recurrence and INterventon rawkus
Automatic Matty P v/a today Circuits of Steel sss Records
v/a stephane Rot track 10 Electro Clips Diffusion Imedia
SOl. ILLaquist of Sound as if we existed as if we existed anti
Holopaw Losing light Quite and/or Fight sub pop
The user track 2 Abandon asphodel
27 sky walker animal life Kimchee records
Robert Wyatt Just a Bit CCuckooland ryodisc
Twink glowstick Garden supercute mulatta
Iqu Looper teenage dream K
Goshtdigital Totally Confused in cod we trust Ipecac
Charlie Tweddle untitled Fantastic Greatest Hits BY Eilrahc Elddewt Companion
v/a Futura 2000 with the clash Escapades of futra 2000 the celluloid years celluloid
Tom waits such a sream Magnificent City decon
Common U, Bkack Maybe Finding Forever Geffen
DJ Shadow this Time the outsider universal motown
Dean Roberts Cidny Tells me... and the black moths play the grand cinema staubgold
Emotional Joystick majik Johnson Bellicose Pacific ZOD
Gregg Kowalsky Ahes From evermore through the cardial Window kranky
The Quantic SOul Orchestra Pushin' ON Pusin on ubiquity
Powerhouse SOund track 3 oslo/chicago:breaks oslo