Her Jazz

with Maria T

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
17:00 to 19:00
Pink Is My Favorite Color
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
bottom of the hudson rusty zippers fantastic hawk absolutely kosher RIP Trevor *
coyote sugar 12" hot dog city RIP Trevor
foundry field recordings caribou fallout stations emergency umbrella 7/31 @ the khyber, phl *
cause co-motion which way is up? 7" whats your rupture? 7/31 @ union pool, nyc
the nobility hallelujah chorus the nobility are moving up to the mezzanine s/r 8/3 @ the fire, phl
negativland it ain't legit fair use seeland FRIDAY AT IHOUSE IN PHILLY WIN TIX!!!!!
new guys on the block the groove 45 sugar hill
les cooper & his soul rockers wahoo because youre funky the rustler C
patrizia & jimmy trust your child pt. 1 how good is good vol 2 goldmine soul supply C
gokh-bi system xaesal africa raps trikont C
lepe ula ula sol hoopii hawaiian steel guitar 1920's -1930's folklyric C
thurston moore ono soul psychic hearts ecstatic peace ...in anticipation of the next thurston solo album?
nightblooms he's alright 7" seed / fire
glenn mercer morning lights wheels in motion pravda *
chris knox citric acid croaker flying nun
patton oswalt america has spoken werwolves & lollipops sub pop *
clorox girls do you know that j'aime les filles BYO *
lunachicks spoilt jerk of all trades go kart
the 1985 killing spree 7" pop bus
penis brigade penis youth party animal mystic skatepunk comp from '84 C
mod fun i am with you now... and again kool aid kid / making tyme remake, remodel! *
the crawdaddys there she goes again 1980 bomp! sampler bomp! C
men & volts hurry home tramps in bloom iridescence
yellow sunshine yellow sunshine the sound of philadelphia soul jazz C
lung leg maid to minx maid to minx southern
st vincent paris is burning marry me beggar's banquet * R
lover! tonight! she's dead lover! empty *
black time downtown 7" show & tell *
victims television addict where birdmen flew: legends of marsupial punk taz devil circa '87 C