Contacting Extraterrestrial Beings

with DJ Arico

Double Jointed Beats

Thursday, July 26, 2007
13:00 to 15:00
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Artist Song Album Label
autechre dael tri Repetaett tvt/warp
oval disruption oval thrill jockey
Nick Drake river man Family tree Sampler bryter Music
Leonard Cohen Nothing to one (you know who I am) Sampler columbia
v/a prayer song music of the earth:sampler golbetrot
P. Miles Bryson composition in Authentic Navajo linoleum Jekyll-and-naugaHyde Megalomanian Decorator's Quarterly Illegal ART
Magentophone frankholmes drive I guess sometimes I need to be Remined of How much you love me 4ad
Ulrich shnauss Medusa Quicksand Memory Domino
Mouse on Mars chahtnok uar charz ipecac
Kid 606 Let it Rock Pretty little Girls Make Raves Tigerbeat 6
Nathan michel Star Spamgled Dear Bicyle Tigerbeat 6
v/a track 8 something #1 Last visible dog
v/a slendro sanga gamelan of central Java vI felmay
Fennesz happy audio endless summer mego records
Marumaru circles ballad of the round ball carpark
Cerberus Shoal elements of Structure elements of Structure Permanence stella white records
Daniel Berbard Roumain Black man singing Etudes 4 violin & eletronix thirsty ear
The Busy Signals Headphoneworld baby's First Beats sugar free records
Lesser Matador records tax deuction gearhound-advance cd matador
v/a (tender forver) that feeling of Love wuag presents: 18 watts is better than nothing wuag
Matmos z.o.c.k. the cival war matador
The Poison Arrows Bad data EP file 13
v/a fallout stations Foundry Field Recoedings Emergency Umbrella
black Moth SUper Rainbow Forever Heavy Dadelian Gum Gravefave records