with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death Of PopBikini Gospel
BuzzLife EndsMessthetics #1031981.* C
The Quantic Soul OrchestraThe Conspirator (Main Theme)Pushin On
The For CarnationPreparing To Receive YouPromised WorksReissue.*
Jack KerouacSan Francisco Scene (The Beat Generation)The Beat Generation C
Lover!Tonight! She's DeadS/T*
The Afghan WhigsMy CurseGentlemenMarcy Mays of Scrawl on vocals.
J ChurchWe Play Secular MusicThe Horror Of Life*
Fucked UpNeat Parts7"Win tickets to see'm right now!*
Unlikely CowboyOne More WeekDesperate Acts Pay OffLocal.
The Jai Alai SavantArcane TheoriesFlight Of The Bass Delegate*
Jon MadofDer Khusid Geyt TantsnRashanim
KillaContemporariesHeartcoreFrom Finland.*
SilkwormLR72Italian PlatinumIt has now been two years since Michael Dahlquist died.
Pig DestroyerRotten YellowPhantom Limb*
A Sunny Day In GlasgowLive on
Love Of DiagramsForm & FunctionMosaic*
LoreleiCaterwaulAsleepReunited? Really?
Brother JTThat's What They All SayPurgatory, Sweet Purgatory*
D.STCrazy Cuts (Original 12" Dub Version)The Celluloid Years C
Michio KuriharaPendulum On A G-String - The Last CicadaSunset NotesSep. 20 + Sunset: 17h42m*
The HeartachesZooed OutToo Cool For SchoolTestors cover.

Interview with Michael Fournier, author of "Double Nickels On The Dime," a new book about the Minutemen's seminal double album
BegushkinIn The YardNightly ThingsLive on this radio show next week.*
Bridge 61Various Fires (For This Heat)Journal
The FiendzWe're The FiendzWe're The Fiendz