The Clothesline

with will constantine jr

Monday, July 16, 2007
21:00 to 00:00
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John CageWilliams MixThe Early Gurus of Electronic Music : 1948-1980OHM1952 performance, the compilation released in 2000. C
Pauline OliverosBye Bye ButterflyThe Early Gurus of Electronic Music : 1948-1980OHM1965 C
Tammen / Darth / Dahlgren / RosenTaken at a Leisurely PaceExpeditionESP-Disk'2006 release.*
Bruce Eisenbeil TrioSoundscape # 2Nine WingsCIMPRecorded in 1997.
Elliott Levin QuartetLady Lord's Audacious SpaceThe Motion of EmotionCIMPAlso recorded in 1997.
Spiritual Energy CollectiveTrack 4Thunder Eyesself-producedRecorded in 1979, Joe Zimmerman on guitar, Jim Eichinger (tenor sax, clarinet, flutes & percusson), Al Faaet (drums) and Dave Nielson on bass and vibes.
Kali Z. Fasteau / Kidd JordanWhat Once WasPeople of the NinthFlying NoteKali Z. on Nai Flute with Michael T.A. Thompson on balafon. 2006 release.*
David Murray & Milford GravesContinuityReal DealDIW1992 release of duets.
Albert AylerBellsLorrach, Paris 1966Hatology2002 release from a "Newport in Europe" tour.
Aaron Ali Shaikh / Dan DeChellisIndiscribable ResonanceUnder Careful Watch the Spoken Words FlySachimay2003*
LoosFE.3 (Life/Death)ArmstrongOkka1999
Brotzmann / LaswellDeath RattleLow LifeCelluloidA 1987 recording where Peter Brotzmann's 1923 Conn Bass Saxophone meets Bill Laswell's electric basses.
Steve Miller / Lol CoxhillBath 72The Story So Far.../...Oh Really?CuneiformRecorded in 1972.*
Wright / Rainey / Marsh / Longberg-HolmStrung into the Apollonian DreamThe Darkest Corner, the Most ConspicuousCIMP2000
Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet plus TwoBroken EnglishBroken EnglishOkka2002 release.
Dennis Charles TriangleStand BackQueen MarySilkheart RecordsThe leader's drums joined by his brother Huss on percussion, Booker T. on tenor sax and Wilbur Morris on drums.
Sabir Mateen & Ben KaretnickCrossing Big Mountain We Evoke the Spirits of Recent Ancestors (Phase 4)Sun XingJMZ Records2001 release.
Belogenis / Blumenkranz / WollesonShanirUnbrokenTick Tock2005
Joe McPhee's Contemporary Improvisational EnsembleNew Spiritual No.1Live at Holy Cross MonastaryCJR RecordsRecorded in 1968.