Thursday, May 13, 2004
13:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
wendy carlos all tracks eventually the well tempered synthesizer Columbia today's background music
iron and wine sodom south georgia our endless numbered days Sub Pop *
the yind track 4 the yind cd pnmv
turid stjanor och anglar I Retur Silence swedish lady from the seventies *
yung wu aspiration shore leave coyote many members of the feelies here
abe schwartz die reize nuch amerika the klezmer king columbia
Black Dice Miles of Smiles 12" dfa *
the ex stupid competition this inheritance must be refused Hopscotch C
elton motello can't explain pop art passport R
the vegetable orchestra prelay automate transacoustic research their second or third album?
the swansea mass silver venus 7" loud devices *
Valley of the Giants cantara sin guitara st Arts and Crafts another godspeed off shoot *
Stranglers Golden Brown Feline epic request from one of the guys in 1929, who are great! R
Angel Corpus Christi dream baby dream The 80's Gulcher duet w/ alan vega *
Yo la tengo a house is not a motel 7" egon arthur lee cover
mars helen forsdale no new york ? R
thilges 3 es koennte auch anders sein die offene gesellschaft
the crabs love and hate yoyo a gogo yoyo C
drednex sally anne iowa comp south east C
tom petty & the heartbreakers fooled again ( I don't like it) st shelter (mine)
willard grant conspiracy soft hand regard the end kimchee *
trace annuals trace rocketship omnibus
trocadero sextet leicht verdreht surfbeat behind the iron curtain archive int'l productions (mine) C
dmbq track 2 Sample for America ? *
Boredoms 6 (track 3) super roots 6 REPRISE R
third eye sunshine 7" prospective
mecca normal I walk alone IPS: Live Performances on WNYU WNYU C
tan as fuck zodiac heart space is no place 2 psych-o-path so much fun live * C
ice when two worlds collide bad blood in bloom
mu destroying human nature afro finger and gel tigersushi *
barnacled five feet from home 6 corleone
liberace if you wanna be happy liberace uncovered foundation records (mine)
hellblock 6 axis of evil split 7" w/ pennsylvania connection ? *
main track 6 deliquescence Beggar's Banquet