Subbin for idiot control

with Tim

An idiot in control

Saturday, June 30, 2007
19:00 to 21:00
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curtis mayfieldfreddies deadsuperflycurtom
fabulous emotionsfunky chickenthe philly sound get downfunkadelphia records
stormythe devistatoreccentric soulnumero group*
tim buckleywings/pleasant streethello and goodbyeelektra
neko casehold on hold onfox confessor brings the
the decemberistsHere I drempt I was an architectcastaways and cutoutskill rock stars
the polyphonic spreerunning awaythe fragile armygood records*
rock plaza centrali am an excellent steel horseare we not horsesyep roc*
exploding star orchestracosmic tomes part 2we are all from somewhere elsethrill jockey*
beastie boys14 street breakthe mix upbrooklyn dust*
david mccallumhouse of mirrorsthe edge: david axelrod at capitol recordscapitol jazz
dear norathe lonesome bordermountain rockmagic marker records*
susan christieno one can hear you crypaint a ladyb music*
arthur cheveilironsick room records*
the hospitalsbandsive visited the island of jocks and jazzload records*
sea and cakeup on crutcheseverybodythrill jocky*
impractical cockpitfurrowed brow?to be treatedload records
the usa is a monsterthe greatest mysterysunset at the end of the industrial ageload records
the shining paththe day when he himself shall wipe away my tearsthe shining pathholy mountain*
doctors of madnessbrothersdoctors of madnessunited artists
uncle wigglyfroguncle wigglyshimmy disc
jimi hendrixstone freeconcertsreprose records
yo la tengopass the hachet i think im goodkindi am not afraid of you and i will beat your assmatador
uncle wigglyweeping girderthere was an elkshimmy disc
canfuture daysfuture daysspoon/ mule
badly drawn boyshake the rollercoastereverything you wanted to know about twisted nervetwosted nerve
sirconicalmoondanceeverything you wanted to know about twisted nervetwisted nerve C
dotsafe in the knowlegeeverything you were afraid to know about twisted nerve but were afraid to asktwisted nerve
cherrystonesin the mazeeverythng you were you always wasnted to know about twisted nerve records but were afraid to asktwisted nervei was never afraid to ask about twisted nerve records.
men for otherspanoptica dog so large i can not see past itwprb
candy machinesyndicatea dog so large i cannot see past itwprb
chiselnothing newa dog so large i cannot see past itwprb
mountain goatssnow songa dog so large i cannot see past itwprb
the ghost of rockbad mannersi can t get that evil wiener song out of my headhypno vista
regina hexaphonetopsy turvyi cant get that evil wiener song out of my headhypno vista C
the dead cthe magiciansfuture artistsba da bing*
the budos bandchicago falconthe budos band 2daptone records*
hail socialanna bellemodern love and deathww.hail*
spoonnot turning offtelephonomerge
saloonvesuviusif we meet in the futuredaral records
dr. johnangola anthemremidiesatco