with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, May 12, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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The RubThe Death of PopBikini GospelThe theme song you know and love...
Black FlagRevengeEverything Went BlackFor The Guy Who Stole Your Bike. R
Pedro The LionBands With ManagersAchilles HeelI too, trust T. William Walsh. I am, however, quite afraid to die.*
Ultramagnetic MCsFunkyDJ Red AlertC
Tenpole TudorAnticipationEddie, Old Bob, Dick & Gary
The ThermalsForwardFuckin' A*
Curly Davis & The UniquesBlack Cobra Pt. 2Chains and Black ExhaustR
BlacktopBlazing StreetsI've Got a Baaad Feeling About This
Unnatural HelperMy Brothers Been Kissing My GirlfriendBabyheadS-S Records, I love you.*C
Toure KundaAmadou TiloSpin CycleC
???The Ghouls Feast In All Their RadianceOrgy of the DeadSoundtrack to an Ed Wood film.
Denison WitmerStationsPhiladelphia Songs
DNAYou & YouDNA on DNA*
The KodaksOh Gee, Oh GoshJocko's Choice R&B OldiesC
A.F.U.High On The HogNardcoreC
Beretta76Live on WPRB29:48
UnattachedIt's Only LoveClaws!C
KinskiSchedule For Using Pillows & Bean BagsShanti Project Collection 3Live on KEXP. Amazing.*C
OpalsDoes It MatterOkeh SoulC
The Three JohnsTeenage Nightingales To WaxAtom Drum Bop
Terry ReidRich Kid Blues/To Be Alone With YouSilver White LightLive at the Isle of Wight 1970. Second song is a Bob Dylan cover. Reid turned down the vocalist position in Led Zepplin decades ago.*
Sekret SekretCharitySydney Post-Punk #2C
Crispy LizardsThe Only OneThrowin' a HissyC
Michael YonkersStill No Words13 Yonkers*
Wilde ThingsMy Life Is BlackCrude PA Vol. 2C
Break MachineBreak Dance Party (part 2)Break Dance Party
Bubblegum SplashThe 18:10 to Yeovil JunctionSurfin' in the SubwayC
Read YellowModel AmericaRadios Burn Faster*
PrisonshakeBedtime Beats You SenselessI'm Really Fucked Now (Cd)Always quite happy to honor this request.R
Icewater ScandalSee SawNo Handle*
The Mexican BlackbirdsSkippin' FramesJust To Spite You
The EmbarrassmentDrive Me To The ParkHeydayDitto.R