Scratcy Vinyl

with Tim

Sun Kissed ambience

Saturday, June 23, 2007
15:00 to 17:00
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thrusheshalloweensdun come undonebird note*
bells bells bellsfamily treebells bels bellssee myspace bells bells bells*
illinoisone on onelive on wprbwprb
jane anchorbaited traplive on wprbwprbfyi on the above myspace reference i think fox corp and mr murdoch own myspace yeeech its true!
spoonwanted to be yourtelephonomerge
bitter bitter weeksonce and for allpeace is burninghigh twp*
a band of beeswho cares what the question isoctupusasteral werks*
beastie boyselectric wormthe mix upcapitol/brooklyn dust music*
battle of micebones in the watera day of nightsneurot records*
riding paper airplanespause and calmly reflectriding paper airplanesnew wine records*
panda bearpony tailperson pitchpaw tracks
the choir practicerunthe choir practicemint
choir practicewhite hatthe choir practicemint
beach boysoutakes sssion work, good vibes, wouldn't it be niceanniv. pet soundscapitol?
nark wirtz orch. and chourusi can hear musicin my roomhigh fidelity/mojoC
beach boyssail on sailorin concertreprise
the langley schools projectsin my roomin my roomhigh fidelity /mojoC
the barracudashis last summerim my roomhih fidelity /mojoC
venturespedal pusheron stagedolton recordsR
duece coupesdouble a fuelerhellbound hot rodsdel fiC
the el caminosreverb explosionreverb explosiondel fi
ramonesrock and roll radioanthologyrhino /warner
big starin the streetno. 1 recordstax
pas calwhat happened to the sandshoneywe re ridiculousle grand magistery
clap your hands and say yeahis this loveclap your hands and say yeahsel relesased
pterodactylsafe like a trainpterodactylbroh records*
the promise ringhappiness is all the ragevery emergencyjade tree
the beeshigh societythigh
enonknock on that doorlost marbles and expolded evidencetouch and go
the venturescaravanthe ventures on stagedolton