rock sub

with Jannon


Tuesday, May 11, 2004
15:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
crescent sun st Atavistic
knights of timbre speed racer remix old tyme lemonade hospital * C
dustbreeders and junko live at le jardin moderne mommy close the door starlight furniture co. I had no idea junko was still around. also this reminds me of the godzilla soundtrack. *
ramones needles & pins rocket to russia (reissue) rhino searchers cover, I believe
broadcast c'mon let's go the noise made by people tommy boy R
young people ne'er do well the single (12") Hand Held Heart
the brother egg theta clear split w/ the 1090 club rubric
thousand yard stare buttermouth hands on polydor
antietam attract mode victory park carrot top *
dancing cigarettes puppies in a sack 7" gulcher (1980, gulcher #007)
fennesz circassian venice touch *
Inca Babies big cyprus opium den black lagoon
brute force do it right now st sepia tone *
Mogollar sunset in golden horn Dances and Rhythms of Turkey of Yesterday and Today World Psychedelia, Ltd. so damn good
jawbreaker jet black dear you blackball reissue *
Deniz Tek and Scott Morgan electrophonic tonic 3 Assasins career *
sex pistols pretty vacant live at chelmsford top security prison restless 1976 R
The Best Ever and Muhammad Ali the people's choice Hits & Misses Trikont *
pagans her name was jane 7" treehouse
the vacancies pick pocket gutpunch Smog Veil
the lapse track 8 in truth loved unreleased
destruction unit Self Destruction of a Man st empty *
gene estribou and Jean-Paul Pickens gr Intensifications locust *