Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
rasputina 1816, the year without a summer oh perilous world filthy bonnet *
yacht if music could cure all that ails you i believe in you. your magic is real. marriage *
parenthetical girls the four platitudes safe as houses slender means society *
railroad jerk rollerkoaster one track mind matador
plagal grind yes jazz cactus xpressway pile up xpressway comp of NZ music C
the doublehappys some fantasy what a nice way to turn 17
glen mercer morning lights wheels in motion pravda *
matt pond pa reading if you want blood e.p. altitude *
comet gain just one more summer before i go city fallen leaves kill rock stars
arab strap the first big weekend ten years of tears chemical underground *
team dresch freewheel personal best chainsaw
lee hazlewood fred freud cake or death ever *
the pipettes your kisses are wasted on me your kisses are wasted on me e.p. cherry tree *
the pleasure seekers what a way to die what a way to die satan records
the modern lovers she cracked original modern lovers mohawk
crime hotwire my heart tear of the rats
gravedigger V she's gone all black and hairy
pissed jeans i've still got you (ice cream) hope for me sub pop yes *
the minutemen political song for michael jackson to sing double nickels on the dime sst
partyline casual encounters zombie terrorist retard disco *
gun club she's like heroin to me fire of love
the raveonettes that great love sound the coolest songs in the world vol. 2 wicked cool * C
madness it must be love wonderful time out there C
pavement summer babe slanted & enchanted matador R
car commercials holland jar 7" s/r *
the weirdos helium bar yes nukes rhino C
the primitives buzzz buzz buzz lovely
primal scream treasure trip sonic flower groove in the running for the worst album name ever
redd kross pseudo intelectual we got power mystic records party or go home
no means no dark ages small parts isolated and destroyed alternative tentacles
great plains the way she runs a fever slaves to rock n roll old 3 c *
guided by voices my valuable hunting knife alien lanes matador R
the pagans boy can i dance good street where nobody lives resonance
nothing painted blue white bicycles power trips down lover's lane kokopop